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About the makeup brush lose bristles

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-01-04 Click:
It is normal for new makeup brushes to lose few bristles, because the bristles are thin, and may break during production and initial usage. After using two or three times, good makeup brushes will no longer lose bristles. None makeup brushes will not lose any bristles. It is normal to lose one or two bristles. Most makeup brushes will not lose bristle after cleaning. To judge if the makeup brush will lose bristle, it is not comb the hair by hand but sweep the makeup brush on back of hand, if no bristle lost, it can prove that the makeup brush will not lose bristle. Please note that it is done after cleaning. During production, there may be dying processing, some float hair may be left, and during transportation, the makeup brushes may have some smell, so for new makeup brushes, before using, please clean them first. After cleaning one or two times, the float hairs will not exist.