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Industry News

Handle material of makeup brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-22 Click:
The handle material can be plastic, wood, metal, acrylic, bamboo and so on. Plastic handle: can be PS, ABS, AS, PE, PP, can mix any color or add powders such as glitter powder. The plastic handle is normally used for exported makeup brushes. The one-off molding fee is rather high, but the total cost is lower than other types of handles.

Wooden handle: The wooden handle and plastic handle is the most common handle. Wooden handle is mostly used for high-grade makeup brushes; the surface can be painted vary colors. The material can be schima superba, mahogany, rubber wood, birch wood, Dalbergia odorifera, sandalwood, etc. The most popular and cost-effective material is birch wood.

Metal handle: normally can be aluminum handle and copper handles; both can be freely printed logo

Acrylic handle: can be transparent, dyeing, waves, bubbles etc. The acrylic handle is high grade, the raw material is expensive, so the total makeup brush is more expensive too.

Bamboo handle: becomes very popular these years, due to the environmental protection, also very cost-effective.