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The ferrule material of makeup brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-22 Click:
The ferrule material can be aluminum, copper and stainless steel.Aluminum tube surface can be anodized to a variety of colors such as light silver, matte silver, light black, matte black, red, blue, green, gold , brown, purple, etc; the line can be even or convex; the surface can be once oxidation and secondary oxidation, including design, pattern, LOGO, etc.

Copper tube usually can be plated into limited colors, such as light chrome color, light Nickel color, Matte Chrome, Matte Nickel color, light black, matte black, light gold, matte gold, etc.

Stainless steel tube is not used too much, surface treatment is relatively simple, just direct polishing is ok

After communicating with many customers and users, it is found that many users do not pay much attention to ferrule material. In fact, the ferrule material is also very important to the price of makeup brushes. Even for the same material, the different brightness and color can also affect the price of makeup brushes.1. Copper: the cost is 4-6 times of aluminum, it can be plated into many colors. Copper has different grades; the judgment standard is thickness, brightness and plating effects.2. Aluminum: Can be anodized to a variety of colors. Also has different grades; the judgment standard is thickness, brightness and oxidation effects.