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Take the domineering president's silly white sweet eye makeup tutorial in minutes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2020-03-03 Click:
Most of the heroines in idol dramas are silly and sweet, but honestly, would such people be scolded in real life? People must not be stupid, but makeup can be sweet. There are many things in life that we do n’t understand. I do n’t advise you to be really stupid, but “occasionally” pretend to be stupid and make your eye makeup sweeter is a good choice.
Before learning eye makeup, first test your silly white sweetness index!
The following five key points, if you meet the 4-5 items, it means that you have very stupid white sweet potential, 2 ~ 3 items need to be strengthened, and only 1 item ... don't be sad, life is still beautiful, the solution is to tell you !!
Slow response
Speaking like a machine gun or reacting too quickly feels too smart. When chatting with others, it is best to answer for a second, and it is best to add a smirk to be sweet.
2. Weak perception
Idol dramas are all performed in this way. Some people only discover the thickest moment of pursuit. At the moment of the confession, they still think they are being joked! If you are keen, don't show it!
3. Easy to be happy with small things
Silly white sweet has less negative emotions, whether it is receiving a bouquet of flowers or taking a bite of dessert, smile contentedly and narrow your eyes! Hmm, put away your habit, and you ca n’t complain to the boys all the time!
4. Not well balanced
Uh, silly white sweet falls are commonplace, even on flat ground ... Of course, you do n’t want to fall in three or five, but you must not show the gesture of "the old lady can wear high heels." Only small steps are cute!
5. I often forget things
You can lose everything except your head ... but you don't have to throw things around for it, at least when you find something you need, a little exclaimer, boys will find you cute too!
Eye makeup and lip makeup are the most important points that can change the makeup. In addition to using lip gloss and pink lip gloss, it is also very important to make the eyes become dog eyes!
STEP 1 >> Orange eyeshadow base
The color of the eyeshadow should not be too heavy, choose skin orange and earth color as the base!
STEP 2 >> Pull-down eyes
The eyeliner is tied with a flat pull-down or pull-down end of the eye, but remember that the end of the eye cannot be lower than the eye, otherwise it will look very faint.
STEP 3 >> Eyeliner thickened
The eyeliner above the pupil can be slightly thickened, which makes the eyes look rounder and more suitable for silly white sweet images.
But many men think you are stupid before dating, and think you are so stupid after dating! So it's really hard to be a silly white sweet.