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Makeup brush for natural hair effect

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2020-03-03 Click:
[Guide]: Hairline receding, thin eyebrows? Having less natural hair is really a headache! I did n’t know that I had a ponytail in summer, I thought it was bald, and I was embarrassed! But today I will teach you a few tricks to use makeup techniques to cover the hairline to create a real hair effect
The hairline and eyebrows are really important! Especially when there are many ponytails in summer, bald forehead is really super awkward! Your forehead makes you ten years old in minutes! Not to mention eyebrows! Do you want to be laughed at again?
Girls with less hair will definitely pay special attention to the eyebrows or the hairline when tying their hair, because the thinner relationships always have to be carefully thought out in this place. Alright! Let's teach a simple makeup technique today. Just change the brush strokes to create a real hair effect!
Use a flat-brush to transform into a super useful makeup magic weapon >>
Sometimes when we use a brush to wash, the whole branch becomes a bit stiff. At this time, the front end of the flat brush will become uneven, and it will look like hair growth when painting. As long as you apply the desired eyebrow pink smoothly, it can become a very useful hair treasure!
TIPS 1 >> Don't brush left and right, easily draw the starting line
Use this brush stroke to apply the desired brow color, and brush it smoothly on the hairline to create the same effect as real hair! (Pictured), but remember not to brush too much, otherwise the effect will not be obvious.
TIPS 2 >> Brush upwards, draw eyebrows
Or use it as an eyebrow pencil. It is also good to apply the brush to the eyebrow powder and use the vertical direction to draw up on the eyebrows (shorter strokes), which can also create the effect of hairs!
Done! Seeing that although the magnitude of the change is not great, the effect after comparison is still obvious! So, there are no ugly women, only lazy women, who want to cover the hairline to improve thinning eyebrows. It only takes a few more minutes a day. Learn it quickly!