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Dating beauty drawing tutorial, just a few steps can be beautiful

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2020-08-25 Click:
Nowadays, putting on light makeup not only makes me full of confidence, but also a kind of respect for others, but for novices, we often need to learn too many things. In fact, light makeup is easy to get started. So the first step is to base it. Now we will learn about simple dating beauty.
   The whole makeup is mainly light, thin and transparent, which can bring a bit of sweetness and romance to your date. What are you waiting for? Follow each step to learn. The perfect date starts here.
  Step 1: The first step in makeup is the base makeup. Choose a refreshing BB cream and apply it on the whole face, and push it away with your fingertips. Apply concealer to the dark circles and acne marks. After applying, pat it evenly with your fingertips. The beautiful eyebrows with dry skin can choose liquid form, and the beautiful eyebrows with oily skin are suitable for cream form.
  Step 3: Apply earth-colored eyeshadow on the eye sockets, and brown eyeshadow on the double eyelids to blend, so that the entire eye area is full of deep feeling. Every step is a swipe, not too heavy.
  Step 4: Choose the liquid eyeliner and draw the eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes. When it reaches the end of the eye, it can be lifted and stretched. For girls who have just made-up, use eyeliner to draw a rough eyeliner, and then use liquid eyeliner to follow the existing eyeliner in one stroke.
  Step 5: Because mascara tends to take off makeup, use false eyelashes to create a more perfect eyelash effect. Measure the length of the false eyelashes first. The inner side of the false eyelashes is aligned with the inner corner of the eye and 4-5 mm behind. It is not necessary to paste the inner corner of the eye completely. The whole is slightly longer than your own eye, and the excess part is cut off.
  Step 6: Brush the pink blush on the cheekbones. The amount should be small when you apply it. After brushing, it feels very light and you can repeat it again.
  Step 7: Make sure your daily makeup is soft. Choose nude pink lipstick to spread from the middle of the lips to both sides. Make the entire lips appear natural pink.