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Korean nude makeup tutorial to create a perfect makeup like a Korean drama heroine

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2020-08-25 Click:
In recent years, with the hits of Korean dramas such as "Star You", "Descendants of the Sun", "W Two Worlds", in addition to male sex, the heroine's fresh nude makeup is also highly sought after by domestic MMs. Compared with the heavy makeup of Europe and the United States, lightness and thinness are the characteristics of Korean drama nude makeup. Although carefully modified, there is no trace of deliberate makeup, and it is suitable for various occasions. Let's share a "lazy man" moisturizing Korean nude makeup tutorial, easily become the heroine of a Korean drama.
  1, cleansing-empty and fill
  Nude makeup will have higher requirements for its own skin quality. If you want a more compliant and delicate makeup, pre-cleaning and moisturizing are very important. The high-end Korean brand ZEMU cleansing milk, using New Zealand zeolite as raw material, can completely remove residual makeup and fine dust remaining in the deep layer of the skin, while only adding necessary foam. It is a facial mask cleanser that locks moisture after cleaning and avoids Skin allergies, dark yellow, enlarged pores, and fine lines. After emptying, start the daily skin care process, the water lock and whitening effect will be more effective.
  2, base makeup-thin and transparent
   After the basic skin care is done, the highlight is the base makeup, which must cover imperfections without showing heavy makeup. Compared with layer-by-layer makeup, air cushion BB will be the first choice for office workers and young mm. As the favorite of "Star You" 2000, IOPE is the brand that Koreans buy the most, and it is also the classic and originator of air cushion BB. IOPE's original air cushion technology, the foundation is separated in the inside, it does not stick to the powder at all, and it can also be used for sensitive skin. The most important thing is that this foundation cream is light and breathable, and the pores instantly become thinner. It integrates whitening + sunscreen + isolation + soothing effects. After an even primer, press again on the forehead, dark circles, and key areas of the chin to achieve a brightening effect. Finally, apply an appropriate amount of powder with a puff, and quickly pat the entire face to lift up and optimize lines.
  3, eyebrows-simple and natural
   Eyebrow make-up does not need to be too complicated. Just choose an eyebrow powder that is one size lighter than the eyebrow color, stroke it from the brow to the end of the eyebrow, and then follow the original eyebrow shape lightly. The color of the eyebrows should best match the color of the hair.
   The eye makeup part should not be too exaggerated. First, draw 1/3~1/2 of the upper and lower eyeliner with a black eyeliner. Use your fingertips or cotton swabs to gently smudge the eyeliner to make the eye makeup more natural. Finally, apply a light brown or orange eyeshadow from the eyelid to the eyebrows.
   4. Lip makeup-the finishing touch
   Lip makeup is the most important finishing touch in nude makeup, and it is also the keynote of the entire makeup. With the recent hits of several Korean dramas, the female protagonist’s lip-biting makeup makes people want to take a bite with its seemingly sexy lipstick~ Many brands have also launched two-color lipsticks exclusively for the popular beauty. Complicated procedures such as smudge, directly apply lip-biting makeup, which is very convenient for girls who like Korean makeup but lack talent in makeup. Different from the previous cylindrical pastes, Laneige two-color three-dimensional lipstick is a square bevel paste design, and the color ratio of 2:1 can better show the gradual lip color.
In "Descendants of the Sun", Ms. Qiao intimately gave the girls a tutorial on "cutting male lip makeup". Before seeing her oppa, she immediately took out Laneige two-color three-dimensional lipstick No. 11 warm coral + yellow makeup. Bright color collision, natural fusion without exaggeration, a ready-made two-tone three-dimensional lipstick immediately adds sweetness and intellectuality to her pure temperament.
Lively and beautiful girls can choose Laneige’s No. 12 lipstick, which is also the lip color of the second female Li Jinghua in the hottest Korean drama "Cheese Trap" before. A bright red extends from the inner side of the lips to make the whole makeup look more gorgeous and bright. It also highlights the strong character traits in her play. After reading the Korean nude makeup tutorial shared by the editor, did you find a new way to open makeup?