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Makeup Skills

Novice makeup eye makeup to lip makeup

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Everyone knows the importance of eye makeup in the overall makeup, but it is difficult to draw a delicate eye makeup. I recommend eye makeup steps for everyone today, with illustrations and hands to teach you.
Blinking makeup:
First use warm brown eyeshadow to make the entire eye socket and then apply a proper amount of orange eyeshadow. Smudge the dark brown eyeshadow in the double eyelid line from the outer corner of the eye to the inner dizzy. Dye the eyeliner, be sure to use a flat eye shadow brush to prevent halo Dyeed too wide.
From eye makeup to lip makeup, teach you how to make makeup!
Before pasting, be sure to trim the length of the eyelashes according to your needs. After applying the eyelash glue, bend the false eyelashes for about 10 seconds, so that the eyelashes can reach the best viscosity state, and the eyelashes have a natural curvature. The eyelashes are closely attached to the eyelashes according to the position determined by the previously drawn eyeliner. Stick the false eyelashes on the roots and push them up slightly to prevent the eyelashes from sticking too far. PS: The eyelashes are attached, and the eyes are different in an instant.
From eye makeup to lip makeup, teach you how to make makeup!
Kneeling eyelashes:
The lower eyelashes are two models, and the small series is a cluster of ones. This is the favorite eyelash style of Xiaobian, which is versatile and beautiful. The lower eyelashes are cut into a small cluster and a small cluster of pastes, which will fit the eye shape more and make the makeup look supernatural. Generally, three clusters are attached to the end of the eye. You can also paste more or less PS according to your needs. After the upper and lower eyelashes are pasted, the gods will come out immediately~
From eye makeup to lip makeup, teach you how to make makeup!
From eye makeup to lip makeup, teach you how to make makeup!

Use the eyeliner to fill the entire upper eyeliner, don't forget the inner eyeliner. Then use mascara to brush your own eyelashes with fake eyelashes.
From eye makeup to lip makeup, teach you how to make makeup!

▌ thrush:
After the eye makeup is drawn, it is the eyebrows. It is better to draw the natural eyebrows according to its own foundation, not too deliberate. Hair dyed MM can also use the dyeing eyebrow cream to lighten its own eyebrow color, which is more harmonious with hair color. If you want to make your nose look more delicate and delicate, take a small amount of shadow powder, brush it from the brow and brush it on both sides of the bridge of the nose.
From eye makeup to lip makeup, teach you how to make makeup!

Blush and lip makeup:
This time, the makeup is not too cute, so the position of the blush is on the position of the smiley muscles, and the direction of the slanting upwards is lightly brushed~ The eye makeup is the focus of this makeup, so the color of the lips is not Choose a color that is too bright to make a lip with a nude lipstick, and then use a peach-pink lip gloss to paint the color on the nude lipstick. In the steady nude color, there is a sweet pink water, which is right. The theme of the whole makeup is sweet and elegant~