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Makeup Skills

Four makeup brushes using Z more

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Many girls are envious of the brushes lined up in makeup supplies, especially the makeup artist, but it is not easy to master its real usage in a wide range of brushes. Here is a trick to introduce the use of makeup brushes.
We often use dry and wet dual -use powder. At this time, dry powder needs to be used with natural brushes, and the effect of wet powder is more obvious for the effect of fiber/nylon brush. The help of a slightly hard fiber brush and the finger blooming help is a lot of help for some humid and blush cream that needs to be blooming, but the only insufficiency of the fiber brush may cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin. There is a makeup brush with fiber and wool combination. For pressure and halo, it also has a soft touch. In addition to brushing blush, you can also carry a makeup brush with you. You can do it.
Use makeup brush, natural bristles are good for the skin Z, it is like human hair, very soft, and has a natural stratum corneum. Secondly, pony hair and velvet goats. The mink is also a good choice. If you want to stick to the liquid or cream for makeup, don't forget that there are synthetic brushes.
Four makeup brushes with Z more: large scattered brushes; slightly smaller and fluffy blush brushes; eye shadow brush and concealer brush used to remove spots and flaws. Try to choose a round head brush, because it not only protects the skin, but does not cause too much damage to cosmetics.