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Makeup Skills

Answer 6 doubts using makeup brushes

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There are a variety of makeup brushes, and the method of use is not the same. The following answers to the 6 questions of makeup brushes in daily use to help you better master the use of makeup brushes.
        1. Use of makeup brushes
       Use of makeup brush
       1. Why did the foundation of the foundation use the foundation of the foundation uneven?
       The thin foundation is likely to be the right way to use the foundation brush. Many people use the foundation to brush the wall like the wall, leaving traces of different depths after brushing. The correct rule is to use a brush to put the foundation point in an important position on the face, and then faint around, the effect will be uniform and natural.
       2. How to draw a natural blush?
       Use the side flat surface of the brush, copper powder and blush, which can make the drawn blush effect better and even delicate. When you encounter the skin texture, use the front of the brush (top) to light the powder on the face.
       3. How to apply the eye shadow more evenly?
       When the upper eye shadow, you need to use the front (top) of the brush (top) to roll up the creases that sweep the powder into the eyelids, so that the eye shadow can be easily brushed on the eyelids.
       2. Cleaning of makeup brushes
       Cleaning of makeup brushes
        4. How to quickly clean the eye shadow brush?
        It is more convenient and fast to clean the eye shadow brush with olive oil. Because most of the eye makeup is oil, and the oil is dissolved, olive oil is very suitable for cleaning small eye lip makeup brushes. The mane of the makeup brush is covered with olive oil, and then pressed and pressed on a sponge to wipe it. After a while, you will see the cosmetics in the brush falling off.
       5. Can soap clean the makeup brush?
       Soap can clean the makeup brush. Wet a piece of soap in water, brush your dirty blush and foundation on the soap, rotate and rotate while pressing it to clean the dirt. Then rinse the brush with warm water, and then dry it with a paper towel. It should be noted that the brush rod should not be dipped in water, otherwise it may make the brush of the brush loose and fall off.
       6. Can the detergent be removed from the stains. Can you clean the oil stains on the makeup?
       Pour a bit of detergent on the sponge. Use a brush to repeatedly brush on the sponge several times, wash it with warm water, wipe the remaining dirt with a clean towel or cotton cloth, and then dry the brush flat.