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Makeup Skills

Do you want to wet before using makeup brushes?

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In the process of using makeup brushes in the daily beauty process, do you wet the makeup brush and then use it before you use it? So do you need to wet the makeup brush before? How to use the makeup brush? Understand, let's take a closer look.
No need to wet. Many think that the foundation brush is wet before using it before applying makeup, which can be more moisturized. In fact, this idea is wrong. There are many foundation brushes that cannot be dipped in water. The foundation brushes are wet and then put on makeup. The effect is not good. Therefore, if you think it is dry, you can squeeze a little foundation on the back of the hand, and then add a little lotion to the liquid foundation to mix well, so that it will not be so dry.
        How to use makeup brushes?
1. Take a small amount of eye shadow with a flat -headed eye shadow brush. Start with the root of the eyelashes and fade up slowly. Pay attention to the level of transition evenly.
2. The core design is to use the tip of the brush to depict the details similar to the eyeliner. Use the side to remove the area and outline. The positioning of the parts or the end of the eye is accurate, so that the makeup is deep and clean.
3. Smile, use a round head blush brush to circulate the blush from laughing, Z Heights, and want to gradually sweep away, forming a cute and youthful blush effect, pay attention to blush, eyes, nose, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, lips, and lips. Keep a certain gap.
4. You can apply a small amount of powder to the face after the foundation or before the makeup is completed. It can also be used to brush the blush or outline shadow to keep the makeup or remove the oil.
5. Bite your lips lightly, clean the shadow under the depression below the cheekbones. You can also sweep the dark blush here to form a three -dimensional and powerful facial structure. Below, the tight surface must be made with contraction surface. Avoid too heavy colors.
6. Take lipstick or lip cosmium clear lips. You can get a full lip makeup effect more than using lipstick or lip gloss directly. You can also use lip brush edges to outline the perfect lip shape to obtain bright and rich lip color.
7. It can be used to depict the natural and agile eyebrow shape. Stick a little eyebrow powder on the eyebrows to obtain a soft eyebrow effect, but the end of the eyebrow can be slightly heavier and the lines are clear, making the entire eyebrow change more vivid, and the soft details are also very convenient to scrape the details.
8. Whether it is dark circles or acne marks, you can no longer worry about dark circles and various flaws. Gently, very accurate and clear.
When drying, you can tie the handle of the makeup brush with a rope, and then tie the makeup to the hanger. You can also roll the towel side and put the makeup brush on the towel. When drying makeup brushes, be careful not to let the water be diverted into the grip, so as not to cause bristles to fall off.