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Eye shadow into "black circles" These eye shadow color matching skills understand

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Eye shadow color matching skills life makeup
Day makeup: the eye shadow color is soft and simple
Common eye shadow colors: light brown, dark brown, blue-gray, violet, coral, beige, white, pink, bright yellow, etc.
Eye shadow color matching: dark brown with bright yellow color warmer, makeup color light and dark effect is obvious; light brown with beige, neutral warm, makeup looks plain; blue gray with white, cold color, makeup looks refined; violet The color is silvery white, the color is cold, the makeup color looks refined and charming; the coral color is white with powder, the color is warmer, and the makeup color is festive and lively.
Eyeshadow color matching tips for evening makeup
Dinner makeup: the use of eye shadow color is rich, contrast is strong
Common eye shadow colors: dark brown, light brown, gray, blue gray, blue, purple, orange, orange, sunset red, rose red, coral red, bright yellow, goose yellow, silver white, silver, pink, Blue-white, beige, pearlescent, etc.
Eye shadow color matching: dark brown with light brown, orange red, bright yellow, warm colors, makeup color is simple, warm, energetic; gray with blue gray, purple, silver, cold colors, makeup looks elegant and refined; blue with Purple, rose red, silver white, cold color, makeup looks cool; dark brown with orange red, goose yellow, beige, warm colors, makeup looks festive and gorgeous; blue gray with coral, purple, pink white Neutral cold, elegant makeup.
Eyeshadow color matching tips for bridal makeup
Bridal Makeup: The use of eye shadow is based on the neutral warmth of the festive color, but it should also take into account the makeup season and the characteristics of the dress.
Common eye shadow colors: brown, sky blue, purple brown, blue purple, rose red, coral red, orange red, sunset red, white, beige, beige, blue and white.
Eye shadow color matching: brown with orange red, beige, makeup looks festive; purple brown with coral red, pink white, makeup looks festive and charming; sky blue with sunset red, blue and white, makeup looks festive and feminine; Blue-violet with rose red and beige, the makeup looks festive and elegant.
Eyeshadow color matching skills
Trendy makeup: The eye shadows used are bright and the color matching is strong.
Common eye shadow colors: blue, green, goose yellow, orange yellow, purple brown, silver, blue white, rose red, cherry red, etc.
Eye shadow color matching: blue with orange yellow, silver white, warm and vivid; green with goose yellow, cherry red, makeup color is warm and charming; purple brown with rose red, orange yellow, blue and white, makeup looks warm and elegant Blue with rose red, goose yellow, silver, bright and noble makeup.