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Beauty appreciation

Getting rid of the public eye line is a shortcut

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Top 3 lessons for party eyeliner
Their eye lines are damp enough
Top 1: Color cat eyes
Learning representative: Emily Ratajkowski
Eye-catching index: ❤❤❤❤❤

Color cat eyes
Cat eyeliner to party is not fresh, but if you put on a beautiful color, you will win. Look at Emily Ratajkowski's color version of the cat's eye. The lake blue mix kumquat presents a subtle collision of warmth and coldness. The watery eyeliner gel texture makes the color tone very transparent. It weakens the glamorous feeling of the cat's eye itself and replaces the elf taste of the young girl. The smart choice of eyeballs and good feelings.

Top 2: Graffiti lines
Learning representative: Margot Robbie
Eye-catching index: ❤❤❤❤

Graffiti lines
The royal sister does not ask for the delicate creation of the little lady, and does not deliberately play cool and high-handedly. It is expressed in the eye makeup is the graffiti line. MargotRobbie's pearl white eyeliner is superimposed with eyeliner glue, eyeliner and eye shadow powder. The super-saturated chromaticity is extremely high. It is simple with a nude powder lip to interpret the most aggressive and feminine femininity.
Top 3: Transforming black
Learning representative: Emma Roberts
Eye-catching index: ❤❤❤❤

Deformed black
Retro dolls are always popular at the party, but how to avoid face blindness? Emma Roberts, who is known for his good taste, is a demonstration: he completes the black eyeliner according to his usual habits, and then points the dots under the pupil. Academically, he pays tribute to the supermodel Twiggy in the 1960s. In fact, the retro playfulness can be conspicuous, short and perfect. Practice the cosmic truth of "less is more".
Flyover fire "line"
So beautiful, can you bear it?
On the stage of the autumn and winter of 2018, the eye color went to a simple and calm, 90% of the drama was handed over to the eyeliner: a gorgeous, avant-garde, rebellious "eyeliner theme show", playing an incredible discharge effect, supporting the presence of makeup. 4 big hot bridge eyeliner, you must know!

Trend eyeliner
Deconstructing the main character of the line
This season's hot spot No.1 is a deconstructed eyeliner that breaks through the parallel linear combination of radiation and radiation to create a playful structure. In addition to paying attention to the spatial effect of the structured eyeliner, the makeup artist not only pays attention to the spatial relationship of the hand-painted lines, but also enriches the line level by means of partial breakpoints and painting white inner eyeliner, and the big eye performance is better than the micro-shaping.