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Beauty appreciation

Beauty Makeup Demonstration Party Makeup Tutorial Sexy and feminine

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Beauty Makeup Demonstration Party Makeup Tutorial Sexy and feminine
Beauty Makers show you the makeup tutorial for the end of the year. The sexy and feminine makeup is the most delicious makeup at the annual meeting. If you need such a makeup, you may want to learn.

Party makeup
At the party, it is best to choose a little wild, sexy makeup, which will be more eye-catching and beautiful. Of course, if you want to be pure, you can. However, the makeup of the model is slightly mature and charming, and it is more suitable for girls who want to pursue a little more femininity.
Beauty Makeup Demonstration Party Makeup Tutorial Sexy and feminine
Party makeup
Step 1: First, draw the eyebrows, draw the approximate eyebrow shape with the eyebrow pencil, and then fill it with the eyebrow pencil.
Step 2: Then use the eyebrow cream to fix the makeup, so the eyebrow makeup will last longer.
Step 3: Apply eye shadow to the eye socket with pink eyeshadow, and make the eye socket softer.
Step 4: Select the eyeliner pen to draw the eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes, and the tail of the eye is slightly elongated.
Step 5: When choosing false eyelashes, it is best to have a bundle. The sticking of a bunch of bundles may be a little troublesome, but the effect will be very good.