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Korean makeup innocent big eyes beauty tutorial teach you 5 steps to easily get

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Korean makeup innocent big eyes beauty tutorial teach you 5 steps to easily get
Korean innocent big eye makeup that gives people a fresh and lovely feeling is very popular among girls. How do you paint Korean innocent big eye makeup? Below, I will share with you the painting method of big eye makeup. It is easy to have a big bunny like a bunny in 5 steps!
The first is the focus of the eyeliner, it is recommended to use eyeliner or eyeliner. If it is oily eyelid like the small season, it is recommended to use eyeliner or eyeliner. From the beginning of the eye, draw the invisible eyeliner + the outer eyeliner, and the invisible eyeliner fills the gap in the root of the eyelash with an eyeliner.
The outer eyeliner is actually fine, just pay attention. If you are a girl with a sharp eye like Xiao Ji, I will thicken some of my eyeliner and draw a little round, so that my eyes will open and my eyes will become more rounded. At the end of the eye, the small season will be moderately elongated, and you should draw down slightly.
The part of the lower eyeliner is also the focus, this time is to emphasize the eye line near the lower eye. Use the eyeliner to draw the eyelids of the eyelids. The position in the eye is careful to draw a little closer to the eyelids. Therefore, it is recommended to open the lower eyelids slightly to draw.
Is the focus of the eyeliner noticed? The eyes are thick and the ends of the eyes are long.
Korean makeup innocent big eyes beauty tutorial teach you 5 steps to easily get
Let's take a look at the difference in eye shape after painting the eyeliner.
Then, use a fine eye shadow brush to pick up some dark brown eyeshadow, overlay on the upper eyeliner and slightly faint, so that the eyes are shiny, the lines are not too stiff.
Use the eye shadow brush to get a brown eye shadow from the lower eyelid to the end of the eye. The tail is slowly filled into the eyes. The point of attention is: Please pick up from the end of the eye of the upper eyeliner, and use the pink eye shadow to make it bright. In this case, the eye makeup has been almost finished.
Although the eyelashes are not the focus, they are still slightly pinch and then a thin layer of mascara to enhance the color of the eyelashes.