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How to draw on weekend makeup Dating makeup steps and tips

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It’s another weekend! Are you ready to date? The following small series will bring you weekend dating makeup and steps.
How to draw a date makeup
This eye makeup is mainly pink, very peach, it is a kind of eye makeup that people are trapped at a glance, it is very suitable for dating with a god or a little brother~
The first step: use a large eye shadow brush to take a pale pink eye shadow to make the bottom of the eye, smudged in the dotted line in the figure.
The second step: use the eye shadow brush to pick up the grape purple eye shadow from the center of the eye to the triangle of the end of the eye.
Step 3: Use a cone brush to apply a small amount of brown eye shadow to the end of the eye to enhance the contour of the eye.
Step 4: Apply a pink pearlescent eye shadow with a cone brush to the front half of the upper eyelid to smudge and brighten.
Step 5: Draw a slightly elevated upper eyeliner.
Step 6: Finally, apply mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes to enlarge the eyes. Even if the eye makeup is finished.
Create flawless and light makeup:
After doing basic skin care, cover the dark circles and the acne marks on your face with concealer. Then use an air cushion or liquid foundation to apply the base makeup (spray evenly with a cushioning puff), which will make the makeup more light and thin. Finally, use the loose powder to fix the makeup, make the makeup more durable and not easy to remove makeup.
Want to make a refreshing natural makeup, a good foundation makeup is indispensable. Mary's makeup, using a light-sensitive membrane and a hydrogel-like texture, opens the skin to a new breathing era. The three-dimensional honeycomb is divided into small, light and soft mist makeup points, just like being born, without fear of close contact, the photo does not need to be beautiful.
Big eyelashes:
The next step is eye makeup, big eyes and long eyelashes are the highlights of dating makeup. First, use a matte nude eye shadow to base the eyelids (use the fingertips to make more makeup), then apply a light brown eye shadow to the entire eyelid to add layers to the eye makeup.
After painting the eyeshadow, use the eyeliner pen to draw a smooth eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes, you can not draw the eye, this is more natural, the makeup will not be heavy. Finally, apply mascara to make the roots of the lashes clear and natural, and enlarge the eyes.
This eye shadow disc, imported from Germany, gradually layered under the eyelids, vertical expansion, up and down gradually increase the eye impression, to create your own charm. The powder is fine and well colored, the painting is rich, and it is naturally not blooming. It will show different beauty under different lights.
The age of nude makeup is popular: inner eyeliner + squint tail, naturally do not, eyes will express, do you still draw bad eyeliner because of hand disability? This eyeliner pen to save you, 0.01mm fine nib, thickness Adjustable, novices can easily navigate. The texture is silky and the makeup is natural, and the smooth curve is formed from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye.
Natural pink makeup:
Since it is a sweet date makeup, please put away your aunt lip balm, natural pink makeup is more suitable for dating makeup. First apply an orange dyed lip to the entire lips. A layer of pink is placed in the middle of the lips, which makes the lips more sweet and lovable.
This makeup is very simple, but no matter what the occasion is suitable for both eye makeup and lip makeup, it is really good to look at it. Let's get this makeup together.
Step 1. Apply the most flashing gold spot on the fingertips to the middle of the upper eyelid.
Step 2. Place the silver eye shadow on the position directly under the eyes and eyes, then fill the inner eyeliner first.
Step 3. Then draw the outer eyeliner. The tail of the eye is slightly extended and raised. The position above the eyeball can be appropriately thickened, which has the effect of making the eye look more rounded.
Step 4. After applying the mascara after clamping the eyelashes, you can choose a longer model to make the eye makeup look cleaner. Sweeping a natural pink blush, after the brush, there is a natural blush.
Step 5. Finally, apply a lipstick that suits you.
Apply a red bean paste to the cheeks to create a gentle, radiant look.
Apply lipstick: Apply a wide range of lipsticks in pink color.
Apply with your fingers: Apply with your fingers to create a lip-biting effect.
How to paint sweet girl makeup
The first step: use a foundation that is close to your skin tone, and use a primer to push the foundation off, a thin layer.
Step 2: Use bright light to brighten it, it will be very hydrated and translucent.
The third step: first use the pearlescent pink eyeshadow to cover the eye socket thinly, then use the matte peach eye shadow to spread the shadow color of the eye socket at the inner and outer corners of the eye, so that the eyes and the end of the eye are matte peach color. Then, in the middle of the eyeball, use champagne gold pearl eyeshadow to brighten. (China Fashion Network)
The fourth step: use the black eyeliner to make the inner eyeliner, then select the coffee color eyeliner pen, draw the outer eyeliner, and lengthen the eye shape at the outer corner of the eye, and at the same time in the upper eyeliner, outline the inverted triangle.
Step 5: Roll the eyelashes and brush the eyelashes with mascara.
Step 6: Use eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrows, and the eyebrows should be slightly flat. For fresh and natural girl makeup, the eyebrows should be natural and the colors should not be too deep.
Step 7: Apply a soft peach-colored blush, which adds to the sweetness of the entire makeup, from the face to the bridge of the nose, and then connects the entire blush.
Step 8: Cover the original lip color with a foundation, apply a light pink matte lipstick, apply the entire lip, and then use a dark lip glaze to smudge.
Dating makeup skills that girls must learn
1. Rich feeling UP! Give your lips a thin one
Girls with thin lips and want to have rich lips, you can use a white lip pencil to make a base in the middle of the lips. (Figure) Before applying the lipstick, apply a white lip pencil to the center of the lip, then apply the lipstick, and use the fingers to fuse the two together!
2. Naturalness UP! Correct dark circles concealer
Many girls apply concealer directly under the concealer. In fact, this white color makes the dark circles more obvious! The correct way is to apply the concealer to the golden triangle at the moment, so that it blends with the skin color. together.
3. Speed ​​UPUPUP! 3 seconds on the eyeliner
Use the eyelash curler to draw the eyeliner, but it can be done with one action! This eyeliner is crazy on the microblog before the new painting. Just draw the eyeliner on the eyelash curler and draw the eyeliner while holding the eyelashes. It is easy and convenient! It’s a good helper for a girl’s date!
4. Color rendering UP! Make eye makeup more colorful
Seeing the makeup on the teaching is very good, but you can't paint the same effect? ​​Try applying the white eyeliner before the eye shadow! The makeup is the same as the painting, and the color is the most vivid on the white paper, so! When the eyelids turn into a white drawing board, you can make your eye makeup even more beautiful!
5. Persistence UP! Aroma all day
Rub the vaseline before spraying the perfume, the smell will last longer! To keep the fragrance for a whole day, just take the vaseline in your hand, then spray a small amount of perfume on it, mix it evenly and apply it on the wrist, behind the ear, etc. Can slow down the evaporation of perfume! (China Fashion Network)
6. Translucent UP! Quickly highlight the outline
Simple and time-saving highlight method, it is necessary to be nervous during the appointment time! Draw a big 3 word on the face with high gloss liquid, connect the brow, under the eyes and under the cheekbone, then push it open and merge, you can quickly highlight the outline La!
Dinner Dating Makeup 4 Tips
1. The appropriate highlight is a must
The lighting of many atmosphered restaurants will be darker. The most important thing to choose when dating in the evening is to let yourself stand out in a dark environment. The appropriate highlight can make the makeup sparkle, making the face more three-dimensional and more contoured.
The light and shadow are mainly placed in the T-shaped part, the cheeks near the eye bag position and the chin. Do not use too much when applying powder, so as not to make the effect unnatural.
2. Use eye shadow instead of eye shadow powder
Replacing ordinary eye shadow powder with eye shadow will make the eye makeup more shiny and longer lasting, and it will also appear more natural. Use this magic weapon to create a watery pair of eyes, so that he can stare at you with your eyes!
3. Bamboo-like eyelashes
When I put on makeup, I will try my best to make my eyelashes look better. I want to stretch my eyelashes like a sunflower. But in fact, you can try not to put eyelashes on your dinner date, and apply mascara with long effect. When you drop your eyes and eat, he will be fascinated by your long eyelashes!
4. Rich lips
Ordinary boys will think that rich lips are a symbol of sex, as if the goddess Angelina Jolie and Shu Qi have the same characteristics. In order not to let the lip makeup fade immediately after eating, you can use the longer lasting lip tint to make a base, and then apply the transparent lip gloss to the top, you can shape the full lips. (China Fashion Network)
For a romantic dinner date, think about it, make yourself a little different, and attract his attention~