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Foundation liquid dosage, makeup course

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Liquid foundation dosage
Liquid foundation is a kind of base makeup product that we usually use. The makeup effect of liquid foundation is very good. The perfect and delicate foundation makeup can not be separated from the use of base makeup products. The dosage of liquid foundation also needs attention, then foundation How much is the liquid coating? The amount of liquid foundation to be used varies from person to person.
How much liquid foundation is applied varies from person to person.
The liquid foundation is a liquid powder. The same type of liquid powder includes bb cream, cc cream, etc. When the liquid powder is used, it is usually sufficient to apply only one soybean. To know that the thicker the foundation is, it will not only increase the burden on the skin, but also make the skin more airtight. At the same time, it will cause the entire makeup to become thick and stiff, and even the phenomenon of toner.
When applying liquid foundation, it is coated with a soybean according to strict requirements, but this is not the only standard. After all, each person's face area is different, some face is large, some face is small, and The amount of liquid foundation applied to different face types is also different. Therefore, the final application of the liquid foundation is different from person to person. I feel that the thickness is moderate and the makeup can be natural.