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Beauty appreciation

How Lazy People Learn to Paint Japanese Fresh and Nude Makeup for 3 Minutes

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Step1: Before applying makeup, first wash it, and clean the face. Then apply a layer of makeup to protect the skin and apply it with a cucurbit.
Step2: Apply the base makeup. For some MMs with acne and scars, this way not only makes the defects disappear, but the whole flesh-colored concealer will make the skin better and faster.
Step3: After the makeup is finished, start the treatment of eye makeup. First, choose a supple eyeliner to draw the eyeliner. Start with the eyelashes and extend the lines slightly at the end of the eye.
Step4: MM who have seen a lot of Japanese makeup must know that the most indispensable part of Japanese makeup is the auxiliary of false eyelashes, because this not only makes the whole makeup perfect, but also has a Japanese sweet MM style.
Step5: After the false eyelashes are assisted, DIY uses a pair of eye-applied tape to cut out a shape suitable for the curvature of the eye, and attaches a double eyelid sticker, so that the big eyes naturally come out.
Step6: After the eye makeup is processed, don't think that is done. In order to make the whole makeup more three-dimensional, choose a light brown repair powder, and swipe the breeze from the arc on both sides of the nose to make the skin more shiny.
Step7: In the Japanese makeup, in addition to the eye makeup, the application of lipstick is also very important. First choose a lip balm for the bottoming treatment, then apply a nude pink lipstick to create the pink feeling of the lips, the whole person's temperament instantly becomes sweet and pleasing.
Complete the renderings: There are very few makeup tools used in the entire makeup. This is also the most important step for nude makeup. It is called nude makeup because it not only allows a plain face to change quickly through some tricks, but more Through the nude makeup, the temperament of the whole person has changed a lot of temperament.