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Beauty appreciation

Still worrying about the imperfect makeup on a date? Seven Steps to Create Sexy Sweets

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-03-20 Click:
Fresh, sweet and natural dating makeup can make people feel refreshed and happy. What are the skills to create this dating makeup? Now let's take a look.
The brown eyeshadow outlines the gentle look, creating a soft and lovely side of the girl, and I can't help but want to get close. Is it so refreshing with such a fresh make-up makeup? Then come and learn the sweet girl makeup tutorial for today's girls!
Today's light makeup tutorial, whether it is a small art fresh or sweet MM can fall in love at first sight! Do not need too strong color, only use the basic earth color can easily create a very friendly and light makeup, bring warmth The sense of makeup drove away the coolness of the winter, and the sweet appearance was unforgettable.
Step 1. Apply a light brown eye shadow to the dotted line to create a soft shadow, which makes the outline of the eyes look more solid.
Step 2. Grab the dark color of the brown eye shadow, apply a small amount of smudge in the double eyelid folds, pay attention to the closer the eyelashes, the heavier the color, to create a natural gradient.
Step 3. Use the remaining brown eyeshadow, and draw the eyelids in the direction of the arrow to deepen the outline of the eyes.
Step 4. Take a golden brown eye shadow and smudge it at the end of the lower eyelid. The shiny feeling brought by the golden color enhances the agility of the overall eye makeup.
Step 5. In order to create a natural sense of no creation, just use a long mascara to apply the upper eyelashes. Pay attention to the amount of mascara. Be sure not to be too thick.
Step 6. In order to echo the eye makeup, choose the dark brown eyebrow powder to swipe along the eyebrows, then remove the messy hairs to create a soft character eyebrow shape.
Step 7. Grab the brick red blush powder and gently swipe the apple muscles according to the illustration, so that the skin can reveal the natural good color. Finally, the lips are painted with coral pink lip gloss to create a moist lips.