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How to Grow Your Eyelashes

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How to grow your own eyelashes
How do you graft your eyelashes? The eyelash grafting of the Japanese salon has gradually entered the field of beauty. Many sisters have gone to the salon to do the grafting of the eyelashes, but in fact they can also pick up the eyelashes at home. So how do you pick up your eyelashes? Let’s take a look at it~
Step 1: Prepare the tools you need - Graft your own eyelashes, first you need to prepare everything you need to graft your eyelashes. Generally included in a treasure and grafted eyelash set, including the tools we need. Important tools include: mascara brush, glue gang, eyelash tweezer, air blow, glue, false eyelash remover. The sister papers should prepare all the tools they need before they can graft the eyelashes.
Step 2: Eyelash Disinfection - Before we can graft the eyelashes, we should pay attention to disinfecting the eyelashes first. When disinfecting, we need to carefully spray the eyelash cleaning liquid on the cotton swab, then wipe the roots of our eyelashes with a cotton swab. The purpose of disinfection is to remove the oil secreted by the skin on the eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes can be better bonded to the original eyelashes. The second purpose of disinfection is to remove bacteria from the eyelashes and to avoid the discomfort of the eyes caused by the operation of grafting the eyelashes.
How to grow your own eyelashes
Step 3: Dip the glue with a glue stick – squeeze a small amount of glue onto the glue stick/cotton stick, then apply the glued cotton stick to the root of the false eyelashes. Then choose a curved elbow clip to take a lash of eyelashes on the eye (you can also use your fingers when you are not operating properly, provided the fingers are clean).
Step 4: Fix the false eyelashes with the elbows. Do not loosen them immediately after sticking. Use the elbows of the elbows to gently hold the sticky eyelashes and fix them for a few seconds. Make sure to fix them a little and then rub your eyes a little. This is done to prevent the glue from sticking to the lower eyelashes. After trying to blink your eyes, you can choose to blow your eyelashes with a small amount of air or naturally.
Step 5: Remove the eyelashes - After the grafting eyelashes are kept for one week, the eyelashes will fall off due to the decrease in the adhesiveness of the glue. At this time, the eyelashes appear uneven. If the beauty of the sister paper feels that the eyelash shape is not good, then you can choose to remove the eyelashes.