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Teach you the correct use of foundation fluid.

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Teach you the correct use of liquid foundation
Liquid foundation is the most important step in makeup. Good makeup starts from liquid foundation. Therefore, we have to choose the right liquid foundation product to achieve a natural clear makeup effect, but no matter how good the liquid foundation does not know how to use it, it is not effective, how to use the liquid foundation? Liquid foundation How is the correct use method? The choice and use of the liquid foundation will determine the effect of the entire makeup. Let's take a look at the correct use of the liquid foundation.

Correct finger usage of liquid foundation
For the correct finger usage of the liquid foundation, first apply the liquid foundation to the forehead, nose, denomination and chin. Then gently tap it evenly with your fingers to blend the liquid foundation with the skin. When the liquid foundation is pressed, the foundation should be pushed away from the inside to the outside, and the gestures on both sides of the denomination are swiped up and down. Be careful not to apply with just one finger or more fingers. Applying with two fingers is the most suitable. In the fundus and bridge of the nose, the liquid foundation should be pushed horizontally. The above gestures are pushed straight on the bridge of the nose, which will make the liquid foundation of the bridge of the nose and the fundus more suitable. Using liquid foundation with your fingers is a good way to use dry skin for keratin water shortage. Because of the temperature on your hands, the liquid foundation can penetrate the skin more easily, and the skin's moisturizing feeling will be relatively longer.
Correct brush usage for liquid foundation
The correct brush usage of the liquid foundation, first squeeze the foundation on the back of the hand, use a brush to evenly absorb the liquid foundation, and apply one-third of the brush to the skin, and sweep the skin straight and back at a 45-degree angle. . Especially for places where the nose is relatively easy to oil, use the brush head upright, and evenly brush the forehead from the center to the sides, you can brush it several times, so that the liquid foundation is more uniform. The use of a liquid foundation brush is a suitable method for dry and flawless skin, because the liquid foundation can be applied to our face with a brush that is thin, non-agglomerating and evenly spread. The hydration and luster of the liquid.
What are the easy to use liquid foundations?
Liquid foundation is generally divided into three types of colors, namely, cool colors, natural colors and warm colors. The liquid foundation should be selected according to your skin color, so that the makeup can be more natural. Among them, Armani silky liquid foundation is easy to use. This liquid foundation is suitable for most people. It has moderate hiding power, moderate moisturizing degree, no greasy or dry, and it will look very good. Silky bright liquid foundation, no sunscreen value, suitable for dry to neutral skin, suitable for winter, spring and autumn; Dior gel long-lasting moisturizing liquid foundation is easy to use, this liquid foundation is suitable for all occasions, perfect makeup, can quickly Infiltrate the skin to create a radiant, smooth and sleek look.
How to use liquid foundation as a sister paper for beginner makeup is often not clear about the correct use of liquid foundation. We only have the correct use of the liquid foundation to have a more natural and natural makeup effect.