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Boy makeup step

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-04-18 Click:
Like female makeup, the first step for male friends to make up is also to cleanse the face, and choose the right facial cleanser according to their skin properties. Then shave, makeup, foundation, makeup, eyebrows, and finally lashes.
Boy makeup step
Ladies' makeup, the focus is always on the eyes: long curled eyelashes, deep eye shadows, and especially the color matching, can face the men's makeup, the concept of color needs to be greatly weakened, naturally will also be saved Or a certain amount of makeup, but at the same time according to the characteristics of men's skin and need to strengthen the modification of other parts, the following small series specifically the steps of men's makeup.
1. Cleansing: Like female makeup, the first step for male friends to make up also needs cleansing. You can choose the right facial cleanser according to your skin properties.
2. Shaving: Unlike female friends, male friends have beards, which requires men to have one more shaving session.
3. Isolation base cream: This is the first step of make-up. Men's skin is also needed, but the secretion of oil glands based on male skin is usually strong, so the oil-control cream is the first choice, and it also adds durability to the makeup.
4. Foundation: To be thin, basically for the purpose of even skin color, do not ask for whitening, not too sticky, loose powder is best to save, otherwise it will appear too modified, very feminine. In fact, if the skin color is even and the skin quality is acceptable, the step of applying the foundation can be omitted, which avoids the makeup remover caused by the large oil skin and is more natural.
5. Set the makeup: Apply the powder to fix the makeup.
6. Eyebrows: You can use eyebrows to repair messy eyebrows. You can also use eyebrow pencils to draw your own eyebrows for your own characteristics.
7. Eyelash modification: The eyeliner varies from person to person. If the eyelashes are thick, there is no need to make too many modifications. On the contrary, a thin eyeliner is enough.