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Beauty appreciation

How to paint golden brown eyeshadows

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-05-14 Click:

The first step: use a large eye shadow brush to take a light coffee color eye shadow in the large area of the eye socket, the base color eye shadow is best matte will be better.


Step 2: Use an eye shadow brush to apply a golden brown eye shadow on a slightly wider range than the double eyelid fold

The third step: use the eye shadow brush to take the reddish brown eyeshadow on the double eyelid pleats, to smudge the eye shadow color intersection, make the color excessively natural

Step 4: Dip a dark brown eye shadow with a flat eye shadow brush to draw an eyeliner that is close to the root of the eyelashes.


Step 5: Dip a golden brown eye shadow and a reddish brown eye shadow with a detail brush to draw a lower eye shadow


Step 6: Use the eyeliner to outline the eyeliner at the end of the eye, then clip the eyelashes, brush the mascara, and the eye makeup is complete. Is it very simple?