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Beauty appreciation

Square face change face, hide masticatory muscle with foundation.

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-06-10 Click:
Step1: Induce zygomatic retraction
Using dark colored foundation, brush one from the hairline and cheek of the next ear. Then push the sponge evenly by pressing, which can make the zygomatic retraction and cheek obscure.
Step2: Lady Stereo
Use a light foundation to brush the upper part of the eyebrow, the middle of the nose, and the center of the chin to brush the three parts.
Step3: Enhancing Stereo Sense
In fact, masticatory muscles of the MM face profile is obvious, but because of the zygoma, make the profile also appears large. Therefore, when decorating, we should highlight the T-part to make the side look more three-dimensional. If you want to modify the masticatory muscle position more accurately, you can open your mouth to O shape, then brush the dark foundation on the cheek concave, so that you can create a shadow and show the outline of the face.