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Beauty appreciation

No Childish Round Face Modifications Become Mature Immediately

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-06-10 Click:
Step1: dark foundation with two sides.
First, use dark colored foundation to brush lines from the temple and below the forehead, including the lower jaw, to make the whole face slender and narrow on both sides. Then use the light color foundation to strengthen the T word and the chin.
Tips: In fact, a round face can create shadows just by brushing a little darker on its cheeks. The purpose is to increase the linearity of its shape, so as to highlight the effect of a sweet adult.
Step2: Uniform skin color
Use sponge to push the color evenly, make the shadows more natural and reduce the round face feeling.
Tips: Don't brush hard along the outer edge of the face, but it's abrupt and full of cracks.
Step3: Increasing Natural Gloss
After dark modification, light pearlescent modification powder can be used to strengthen the T-shaped part and chin, so that the whole facial features have a natural luster. Or after the blush, use the light colored cake with pearlescent light to dye the lustre of the laughing muscles and add a sweet smile.