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Beauty appreciation

Four Step Perfect Shaping of Goose Egg Face with High Forehead

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-06-10 Click:
Step1: Cosmetic props
There are some additional spray on the market, usually black, which can create natural hairline. Prepare another A4-sized piece of paper, fold it in half, and cut off a 1-4 arc area on the top edge of the paper. It is easy to place on the hair line of the forehead, and block the spray to other parts.
Step2: Make a False Image
With the prepared piece of paper, open the semicircular notch on the forehead hair line, and spray the hairline spray evenly on the hairline. This will make the hair look more, and the forehead will not be so big.
Step3: Fuzzy Boundaries
Then use the sponge gently along the hairline, press the spot just sprayed, so that the hair color of the spray is blurred, so that it looks more natural.
Step4: Fine Modification
Finally, you can use some hair blemish box and hair dye to modify the hairline. Use a sponge to dip in a little paste and gently push the edge of the hair line to uniform color. Brush the brush gently along the edge of the hairline, so that the makeup is not flawed, the amount of hair is significant while very natural.