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Air cushion BB is used to remove makeup, clean skin can not be underestimated

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What kind of makeup remover is used to clean the air cushion BB? In our daily life, we can often see someone using the air cushion bb. The air cushion bb is a kind of base makeup product that everyone is very popular and loved. The beauty effect of the air cushion bb is very good, the makeup remover is us. A skin care step essential for painting.
Air cushion bb with what makeup remover
Air cushion bb cream pays attention to the nude makeup effect, so the powder is mostly light and not heavy. When choosing a makeup remover, you don't need to choose too strong cleaning. It is recommended to use makeup remover or cleansing milk. Moderate strength, less irritation to the skin, and a good makeup for removing the skin around the eyes.
Mistakes in using air cushion bb
One: no basic care before makeup
Now some air cushion BBs are equipped with the function of nursing. I believe everyone knows that the air cushion BB cream is convenient to use and the texture is relatively moist. Many BB creams contain sunscreen function, but this does not replace the makeup cream. As well as the role of sunscreen, it should be known that the amount of air cushion BB is not enough to achieve the effect of sunscreen, and the use of makeup before the milk to adjust the skin color is not the air cushion BB can do. If you don't moisturize your skin before applying air cushion BB, it is very dry and dehydrated. If you take a long time, the air cushion BB will easily dry out, so you can remove makeup and appear powdery! So sometimes we After the makeup remover, the skin is getting worse. This is the basic work before you make the bottom.
Two: the puff should be pressed on the whole surface of the sponge
When using the air cushion BB makeup, you need to use the puff! But many girls often use the air cushion method, most of them like to use the 2-3 fingers to push the sponge down, apply a little and apply it to the face. In fact, this method is very wrong, which will lead to uneven amount of foundation on the face, which will affect the makeup effect, and will directly affect the beauty of the entire makeup. It should be noted that the sponges in the air cushion BB cream are carefully designed, and half of them are elastic. When the foundation is under the force of the sponge, it can be evenly released, so that the whole puff can be evenly dipped on the foundation while still Can make the face look more natural.
Three: Apply a thick layer
The effect of air cushion BB cream is not much different from the makeup we use every day, but if you apply a thick layer on your face to cover the flaws on your face, it will look very uneven skin tone, which will make us The face looks fake, like a thick white wall. Not only is your own makeup particularly ugly, but it also makes your skin breathless. The same use of air cushion BB cream is also a reason, too thick to apply not only affect the value of the face is so simple, it also has some damage to the skin. It is recommended to apply a little bit of it, and the concealer needs a professional concealer.
Four: ignore makeup remover
Because the texture of the air cushion BB cream is very thin and light, often when I return home at night, I think that the makeup has been taken off, so I will omit the makeup remover step. I don’t know, these air cushion BB cream left in the skin will be blocked over time. The pores, which cause acne, blackheads and other skin problems, are actually not only the air cushion BB cream needs to remove makeup, even if a layer of cream is applied, it is necessary to remove makeup.
The hazard of the air cushion is not removed
1, clogged pores
The air cushion contains chemical components. It can't be cleaned with water and facial cleanser. If the air cushion is not used for a long time, the chemical composition will block the pores, causing the pores to become coarse and large, and the bacteria and dust will be easier. Enter into the skin.
2, thickening keratin
Long-term use of air cushion does not remove makeup, harmful ingredients will pile up on the skin, which will thicken the skin's keratin. The thicker the cuticle of the skin, the more it will not absorb the external water and nutrients, the skin will become dry, lack of water, rough and dark. Yellow, no luster.
3, skin problems
Long-term use of air cushion does not remove makeup, pores are blocked, the skin can not be normal breathing and detoxification, toxins accumulate in the skin, it is easy to cause skin problems such as acne, long spots, long wrinkles.
How to use air cushion bb cream
Press down with a puff and apply a proper amount of air cushion BB. This is not rubbed back and forth like a powder cake. It must be pressed down. Then apply a proper amount to the face. It is also pressed on the face. This air cushion makes the BB cream paste evenly spread on the puff, so it is put on the face directly. Everyone should pay attention to it. Before the nose is painted with BB cream, clean the blackheads. If the blackheads are not cleaned, then no matter how you use the puff, the BB cream will be stuck in the blackhead. Clean the blackheads in the pores and press them with a puff. Then the forehead ~ this puff really fits the skin, the whole pressing process, plus a little smear (slightly smeared in some areas that are not uniform enough), the makeup is still quite natural. After all the coating, use the puff to press the whole face again, consolidate it, further brighten + evenly fit.