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Beauty appreciation

Halloween Makeup Tutorial 1: Universal Zombie Makeup

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Halloween Makeup Tutorial 1: Universal Zombie Makeup
Screaming index: 90%
Beauty Index: 40%
Practicality: ☆☆☆☆☆

Emma Stone's zombie makeup and everyday outfits are not uncomfortable, even scary...
Halloween, of course, the omnipotent zombie makeup! Get this makeup, you can become the most eye-catching "monster" on the spot, plasma, sputum, wounds can be the key words of Halloween, although a bit too scary, but Halloween does not come out to make more waiting It!
Step 1:
Choose a white and white... Super white foundation to apply the entire face.
Step 2:
Then choose a gray or black shadow powder or cream, draw cheek shadows, you can apply it until you have a deep concave effect.
Step 3:
Then use an eyeliner to draw a thick eyeliner around the eyes.
Step 4:
Use an eye shadow brush to smudge the fresh eyeliner, then apply a dark gray eye shadow and smudge the cyan eye shadow at the lower eyelid (can be replaced with blue).
The most crucial place is finally here! Use the eyeliner to draw the feeling of the suture at the position of the head. First, apply a gray shadow to the place where you need to draw. Then, a vertical line and a few small crosses will be fine~
To make the suture wound more realistic, just choose a red or deep red lip glaze/dyeing lip and apply some on the suture. It looks like real blood flowing.
Draw "residual blood" at the corners of your mouth with deep red lipstick or lip dye.
Finally put on false eyelashes and whiten your lips, so that a realistic all-purpose zombie makeup is complete~