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Beauty appreciation

What is the beauty egg used for?

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First, the bottom makeup
Everyone is accustomed to using beauty eggs for liquid makeup products. In fact, it is also suitable for powdery products, including liquid foundation, concealer, etc. Before use, use a small amount of foundation with a cosmetic egg and apply it by tapping. On the face, the makeup effect will be very natural.
Second, exfoliation
Take a proper amount of exfoliating scrub on the beautiful makeup eggs and apply them on the forehead, chin and nose to gently rub. The exfoliating effect is better than the hand.
Third, the outline
The tip of the beauty egg is easy to fit the contour of the facial features. You can use your fingers to apply the repairing product to your face, and then gently poke it with the tip of the beautiful egg. The repair effect will be very natural.
Fourth, remove makeup
Beauty eggs are very suitable for removing difficult makeup, and many people don't know about this feature. Use a beautiful makeup egg to remove the makeup remover, the pointed head can unload the corners of the eyes and corners of the mouth, and the round head can remove the stubborn makeup on the eyelids and chin.
Fifth, modify the eyebrows
Generally, after we apply the eyebrow powder or use the eyebrow pencil, the color of the eyebrows will be less uniform. Using the beauty eyebrows to gently press the eyebrows can take away some extra eyebrow powder and make the eyebrows look more natural.
Sixth, rescue the blush of Tu Duo
Pressing the face with the big round head of the beautiful makeup egg will take away the excess blush on the face to make the skin tone more even. The same applies to excessive lipstick, highlights and nasal shadows.