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Nose, big nose, how to make up

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Nose, big nose, how to make up
Step 1: When choosing the color of the shadow, it is darker than the skin color. It is natural and not exaggerated. Before painting the nose, you must make a skin color contrast. It is very important to choose the color.
Step 2: Use high light to brighten the middle part of the nose. When you notice the straight line, you should always draw the nose. The white skin is recommended to choose the color of the powder or the white color. The yellow skin or the healthy skin chooses the golden color. It will be more natural.
Step 3: Pay attention to the connection between the brow and the nose, and draw a shadow.
Step 4: Draw a shadow on the sides of the nose along the bridge of the nose. According to the mirror, draw a shadow according to the effect you want. The position of the shadow will go up, and the bridge of the nose will look finer and taller. Easily achieve the effect of repairing the face.
Step 5: Slightly repair the nose and draw a line on the nose. For people with a wide nose, it is very important to brush the nose on both sides of the nose. It can make the nose become smaller instantly. If you want to create a nose without a dead angle, you must apply a proper amount of repairing pen. Avoid getting dirty on your face.
Step 6: It is best to focus on the nose, which can make the tip of the nose look more upright and more three-dimensional, and then use a makeup brush to slightly smudge, so that the repair of the nose is completed.
Note: There are many types of noses. Different types of noses have different repairing capacities, especially flat garlic noses, which are the nose bridges and noses and noses. The method of sharing the shadows of the wide nose and nose of the nose is shared here. .