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Beauty appreciation

The difference between makeup and cream

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How do newcomers learn makeup?
1. Choose the foundation that suits your color
As a foundation for makeup, a good foundation is a must, and a foundation that suits your skin tone is the key to making your makeup natural. Beauty girls don't want to use a foundation with a few shades of color than their own skin color for a moment of greed. This will only make your makeup look very fake and unnatural. At the time of purchasing the foundation, we can now try the color at the junction of the face and the neck. The closer the color is to the skin color, the better. In addition, we should also pay attention to choose some foundation with a thin texture, otherwise the thick makeup will only make your makeup greatly reduced.
2, master the basic color of eye shadow, up to 3 colors
Every MM must understand the make-up course: use the most basic earth color (coffee, gray, beige) to make up our daily makeup. For beginners to learn makeup, we can start with the big eyes of the combination of eye shadow, these combination of eye shadow is pretty good. The principle of eye shadow use is: only use 3 colors, the makeup will be soft and clean.
3, clever use of blush to add rosy breath
A small blush, but it has a big role. The light red on the cheeks not only makes your skin look more rosy, but also has a certain effect on the face. The height of the blushing application will also make our makeup look cute, playful, mature and charming.
4, it is very important to brush the eyelashes
Eyelashes are an important part of our eye makeup. Whether it is a light makeup or a heavy makeup, eyelashes are the key to making our eyes become gods. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a good mascara. It is best to choose a long-lasting and not smudged word of mouth brand. In addition, before brushing mascara, it is best to use the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes first, so that the effect will be perfect.
5, to create a clean and natural eyebrow
A suitable, correct eyebrow shape can make a good modification to our face. Clean and natural eyebrows are what we are pursuing. Therefore, we must maintain the habit of regularly trimming eyebrows. The natural eyebrows and brown-based elegant eyebrows are the mainstream of eyebrows in recent years.
Pre-makeup notes
Misunderstanding 1: No matter the three seven twenty-one, the whole face is smeared
Many people think that since the makeup before the milk is for the base makeup, it must be applied to the whole face, but I do not know, this will have a bad effect. The highest level of makeup is to make your prominence stand out and cover up the shortcomings. If the whole face is applied, it is not much different from the non-smear. Therefore, the use of pre-makeup is actually a detailed sketch. For example, if you have a pair of beautiful alums, apply a thin layer on the eye area to create a translucent skin of the eyes, making the eyes look more radiant and neglecting. Other shortcomings.
Myth 2: The technique is not important
Some MM think that the makeup before the milk and the lotion is almost the same, it will be done indiscriminately, there is no way to speak. In fact, the technique of applying makeup before the milk is very particular. If you use it well, you will get twice the result with half the effort. The general method of Xiaobian is: First, take a small amount at the fingertips when using it, and gently point it on the nose. Then, push it away from the nose to the sides, pay attention to the delicate method, so that the pores will be seamless. Finally, after painting, you must not push the foundation immediately. You have to wait for 5 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you can blow it against the fan. Otherwise, you will wait to see the unprecedented invincible “muddy mud”.
Myth 3: Makeup before the milk can only be used alone
Some MMs are not very willing to use pre-makeup, because using it means having another layer of make-up and a little more time. In fact, there is a more convenient way to use pre-makeup milk, which is mixed with liquid foundation. When using, pour the liquid foundation into the palm of your hand, then pour the same amount of makeup before the milk in a ratio of 1:1. Rotate the two hands and rotate them with your body temperature, then apply them to your face. This not only saves the trouble of recoating one layer, but also makes the base makeup more docile and transparent, and greatly improves the ductility of the liquid foundation.
[The difference between makeup and cream]
1) Pre-makeup, mainly to enhance the adhesion of powder and make-up. The makeup primer is a kind of isolated product, either to correct the skin color or to control the oil and moisturizing effect. The effect of the cream is not the same. The isolation mainly protects the skin, isolates makeup and harmful in the air. The damage of the substance to the skin, if your skin is more even skin, it is not necessary.
2) Make-up milk is used to modify the color of the skin to make the color uneven and dark, such as a yellow skin color, and then the skin color is not uniform, so if it is directly isolated or foundation, the color will be uneven, This kind of push, what color is used in the makeup of the front cream, the cream is used to brighten the skin, to isolate the dirty air, radiation and a little sunscreen function, the makeup before the milk is actually also with sunscreen, isolation effect, just makeup before the milk Or mainly based on modification, the isolation cream is still based on isolation.
3) Make-up milk is to adjust your skin color before you apply foundation. Isolation is to prevent dust from entering your skin. Basically, it also has sunscreen effect. Now there are many color numbers in isolation, which can also improve your Skin color, so it is more convenient to use isolation, all functions are available, huh, huh~
4) Pre-makeup, as the name suggests, is a layer of lotion before makeup. It contains moisturizing ingredients and keeps the makeup lasting. If the face is easy to peel off or floating makeup, it is recommended to apply a layer. Most of the creams contain sunscreen values, which can effectively resist ultraviolet rays, while nourishing the skin and blocking the damage of the skin to the skin. It is usually colored, similar to the foundation.
5) The makeup before the milk is used before makeup, reducing the damage to the skin, the nutrition and moisturizing effect, can also make the top is easier; and the cream is not the same, the cream is to isolate the outside ultraviolet, dust, and the powder Prevent the skin from absorbing powdery substances. When using it, first apply a cream to the makeup before the makeup, so that the makeup is more natural and easier.