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Dry skin makeup step

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Dry skin makeup steps Dry skin makeup tips and tricks that girls must know
Dry skin, skin is finer, thinner, pores are less obvious, sebum secretion is less and uniform, no greasy feeling. The skin is dry, looks clean, delicate and beautiful. This skin is in the cold, the air is dry The environment and the continuous operation in the air-conditioned environment, the skin water shortage will be more serious. If you do not care for a long time will produce wrinkles, so dry skin must be promoted to normal physiological function through appropriate skin care, in case of not old First decline.
Some of these skin's mm do not know that they belong to dry skin, because their sebaceous glands have no problem, just because of improper care or other reasons, the skin is extremely deficient in water. The skin's internal water and sebum are out of balance, causing the skin to feedback dry. It is a fact that sexual skin looks more flawless than oily skin. But when it comes to make-up, dry skin will look uneven. Many aspects can cause dry skin, so you need to learn dry skin makeup tips and tricks.
Prepare your skin before makeup. Your skin needs to be prepared. If you are dry skin, it is very important to prepare for work.
Use a special moisturizing facial cleanser for dry skin. After washing your face, use a moisture-rich moisturizer to make your facial skin more elastic. If you use it often, the effect will not be temporary, but long-lasting. Using Concealer Concealer can disguise any skin blemish, not only eliminating redness but also covering dark circles. In general, concealer makes your makeup more perfect, which is especially recommended for dry skin. Use a concealer of the same color before using the foundation, so you can't see it.
Dry skin makeup steps Girls must know the dry skin makeup tips and
One of the important things about using foundations for dry skin is about its ingredients. If your skin is dry and has a flaky shape, you should avoid using a foundation.
If you use a powder foundation, it will make the dry skin problem more obvious. Therefore, dry skin needs to choose a liquid foundation to make a base, and focus on those liquid foundations containing moisturizing ingredients. It is best to use a blush to apply blush with a finger. You can also use a brush, but this will probably bring some dust on your face, which will only aggravate skin problems. It is clean, simple and convenient to use your fingertips to create a blush by circularly winding.
Applying Lip Balm Lips should always be smooth and soft, but it is affected by many factors and tends to become dry, so the dry feeling makes people feel uncomfortable. There are a lot of lip balms that can make your lips look full of moisture. Picking up those lipsticks that have special ingredients and are not harmful can make you look hydrated all day long.