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A large inventory of basic tools for makeup

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First, the makeup tools
Sponge: used to apply foundation. Generally there are round, triangular and cylindrical (conical) shapes. The round sponge is characterized by a slightly hard texture and a large area, which is suitable for making a large area at the forehead and cheek position. The other two textures should be more detailed, suitable for partial bottoming in the corners of the eyes, nose and mouth. Use a different shape of sponge to make the foundation more detailed.
Puff: Commonly used are round puffs and honey powder brushes. Round puffs (picture 1 in the figure) also have many sizes. Large puffs are suitable for large areas, and small puffs are suitable for topical makeup. The honey powder brush is a large cylindrical brush, which is the largest in the makeup brush. It can be applied to the face evenly by swiping the powder on the face. The effect is more natural.
Blush brush: slightly smaller than the honey powder brush, with bevel angle (13 in the figure) and flat (12 in the figure), the top of the brush is semi-circular. The bevel is suitable for the modification of the T-shaped part and the tibial part, also called the facial contour brush. Large brushes can be used for large areas of coloring and brushing off excess powder.
A large inventory of basic tools for makeup
2, eye makeup tools back to the top
Second, eye makeup tools
Eyebrow pull (as shown in Figure 5): The eyebrows are trimmed by removing the excess hair from the eyebrows. By pulling out, the hair grows slowly and the eyebrows remain longer.
Eyebrow knives (2 in the picture): Use when trimming the eyebrows and removing large areas of hair, fast and painless.
Eyebrow scissors: Trim short eyebrows.
Eyelash curler: used to make the eyelashes curl. If the eyelashes are not easy to shape, you can use the electric eyelash curler.
Eyebrow brush (right part of 11 in the figure): Most of them are hard brush with diagonal brush head made of nylon or rayon. Before eyebrows and thrushes, you can use the eyebrow brush to sweep the eyebrows. After the thrush, swipe the eyebrows in the direction of the eyebrows to make the eyebrows natural and the eyebrows neat.
Eyebrow pencil (4 in the picture): A familiar makeup tool used to improve the eyebrow shape. Skilled sisters also started using eyebrow powder.
Eyebrow brush (3 in the picture): The brush head is slanted and flat. In addition to the eyebrow powder, the eyebrow shape can be used to draw a suitable eyebrow shape. It is also easy to grasp the eyeliner.
False eyelashes (7 in the picture): A great weapon to enhance the charm of the eyes! The shape is also increasing.
Eyeshadow brush (9 in the picture): a flat body round head brush, which has large, medium and small points. The large one is generally used to apply the base color. It can evenly apply color to cover the entire eye socket position. Medium for small pieces. Coloring; the smallest can be carefully drawn, used to draw more accurate eyeliner. More suitable for powder eye shadow.
Eyeshadow stick (10 in the picture): It is a bit like a cotton swab. It is used for partial coloring and multicolor eye shadow blooming, which can make the eye makeup natural. It can also be used for braided and creamy eyeshadows. The elliptical head is suitable for large-area coloring and the pointed eye shadow stick is suitable for small-area drawing.
Eyeliner (6 in the picture): used to draw the eyeliner, which can make the outline of the eye more distinct. There are also skilled sisters who use makeup techniques to draw eyeliner with eyeliner.
Eyeliner Brush: The shape is similar to the lip brush, but the brush head is more slender and the hair is softer, suitable for eyeliner.
Eyelash brush: Some shapes are like a small comb (pictured in the left part of 11), and some are similar to the mascara brush head, which is spiral. Apply mascara and use it to open the mascara that sticks together to make the lashes look more neat.
A large inventory of basic tools for makeup
3 three, lip makeup tools back to the top
Third, lip makeup tools
Lip brush (8 in the picture): The hair is hard, which makes it easy to control the brush point. Whether using lipstick or lip gloss, the lip brush can help you draw detailed lines and modify your lips.
The author reminds: It is not necessary to prepare all the tools so well. For beginners of makeup, if you think that the set of makeup tools is too complicated, you can prepare some basic tools. The first is the sponge (usually the foundation will be attached) and the puff. It is more important to have two blush brushes: one is a slanted mouth and the other is a round mouth. The slanting mouth is mainly used for the treatment of the three-dimensional aspect of the face, and the round mouth is the treatment of the harmony of the entire face. Then there is eyebrow extraction (or eyebrow shaping knife), eyebrow scissors, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and more than two different size eye shadow brushes and eye shadow sticks. The most practical eye shadow sticks are medium in size. The last is the lip brush.
Single eyelid eye shadow painting