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Beauty appreciation

Basic makeup steps in daily life

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First of all, this eye makeup uses pink tones and purple tones. The pink tones add a soft makeup feel, and the purple color is added to the color palette. Simple lip makeup, simple basic makeup can also be very charming.
Specific steps:
Step 1: Apply brown eyeshadow on 1/2 of the eye socket. Slightly smudge it. Do not apply too much.
Step 2: Cover the eye socket with lavender eyeshadow stained with lavender on the fingertips. The two colors are smudged to enhance the makeup feel.
Step 3: Apply purple eyeshadow on the eyes and at the end of the eyes.
Step 4: Use a clean eyeshadow brush to blend the purple eyeshadow to the middle position, and further transition the purple eyeshadow.
Step 5: Apply brown eyeshadow on the eye, and smudge the end of the eyes with gray tone.
Step 6: Select a pink-colored eyeshadow from the head to the end of the eye. The range is shown in the figure.
Step 7: Blush is a must-have makeup to create a good-looking makeup. If you feel that the base makeup feels pale, you can try to color with blush.
Step 8: The last step is to choose a bright rose pink lipstick and apply it on your lips to create full, sexy lips.