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Beauty appreciation

How to draw lightly smoked inner eyeliner and eye makeup

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-12-31 Click:
Cheating technique 1: draw eyeliner in the eyelid mucosa
Draw eyeliner on the inner eyelid mucosa !?
Many eye makeup tutorials,
Especially for the Japanese big eye makeup tutorial, you have to lift your upper eyelid,
Draw a thick black inner eyeliner near the mucosa,
To achieve the effect of natural big eyes.
This painting is really too violent,
Not to mention how unhygienic and dangerous it is to directly poke the mucosa inside the eye with an eyeliner,
Can't you shed tears,
Smooth eyeliner?
The right way to draw eyeliner:
#Draw a thin eyeliner near the root of the eyelashes #
It ’s really not that difficult to draw the inner eyeliner
Use a liquid eyeliner to draw a thin eyeliner against the base of the eyelashes
You can create a natural big eye effect
Cheating Technique 2: Smokey Makeup = Panda Eyes
In the perception of many people, the smokey makeup is the panda eye,
Here I say for Baby Panda:
"This pot! I don't carry it!"
Lightly smoked now popular,
Draw a sense of hierarchy,
Still very thin:
STEP1: Don't be afraid of bubbles with silver-gray base
STEP2: Applying a golden gradient to the eyes
STEP3: Brush under eyeliner with silver-gray eyeshadow
STEP4: brighten your eyes with golden eyeshadow
Cheating trick three: horizontal seven vertical eight brush eyelashes
The most classic method of brushing eyelashes is the "z" brushing method.
It cannot be said that this approach is completely wrong,
But use a suitable mascara brush method for different mascara types;
Some people think that the brush head is too big.
Like to brush upright,
It ’s so easy to poke my eyes,
Very not recommended.
When you apply mascara, you basically have to hold it horizontally.
Lightly brush,
There are different brushing methods for different types of eyelashes:
1.Dense type:
First apply back and forth on the roots,
Swipe up,
Apply lightly on the ends of the lashes.
2, slim type:
Do not apply on the roots of the eyelashes,
Take the brush horizontally,
From the base of the eyelashes to the tail,
Brush from heavy to light.
3. More water type:
Do not use the brush immediately after taking it out,
Wait until the water has evaporated and reuse.
Cheating trick 4: Applying foundation desperately for concealer
Poor skin condition
Small spots, small acne need to be isolated and concealed
But too lazy
Have you been hit
Do not want to use a cream or concealer
Just use foundation
I think a few more layers of foundation will make the skin better
It ’s just that everyone has too much powder on the face
Applying foundation desperately will only make you look strong
White as a millennium old demon
This little effort ca n’t really be lazy
Apply on the entire face before applying foundation
Then use the concealer product for partial coverage
Finally, apply light foundation on the light-sensitive part of the face that needs to brighten the complexion
Choose isolation and foundation
Red blood on my face Use a greenish cream
If you want fairer skin, try purple foundation
To solve the problem of no blood on the face, of course, use a pink foundation.
If the skin is only partially in bad condition
Then just thicken the base makeup
and so
Don't blindly follow the steps of beauty influencers
The makeup method that suits you best