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Beauty appreciation

Chinese Valentine's Day Date Sweet Romance A Quick Tutorial for Perfect Makeup

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2020-08-25 Click:
Chinese Valentine’s Day and Qixi Festival are becoming more and more sought after by many lovers. In order to leave perfect memories on this day, MMs must of course put on beautiful makeup to coincide with the festival. For beauties who are new to makeup, the most difficult thing is probably the outline of delicate eyeliner. Therefore, these Chinese Tanabata date makeup looks deliberately dilute the eyeliner steps, but focus on the long and flying eyelashes to bring out the look of the eyes, simple and pleasant.
  The first paragraph: single eyelid MM simple electric eye makeup
   The breeze blows gently on the night of Tanabata, and the moonlight is floating. Single eyelid, small eyes MM is not suitable for thick eyeliner + thick eyelashes heavy makeup, beauties who like simple and comfortable feeling can use earth color eye shadow to create a deep feeling that single eyelids lack, and then pair with thin eyeliner and eye tail fly Curled eyelashes can also shine!
   Swipe the entire eye socket with a light nude brown pearlescent eyeshadow, then smudge the dark gray eyeshadow on the end of the eye, and finally use a clean brush to smudge the boundary to create a gradual effect, and the eyes are naturally deep. Apply the mascara in a zigzag way to create a thick effect, and use the long, long brush head to brush the eyelashes several times to create the feeling of flying eyelashes. Finally, orange-red lip gloss is applied to the lips, and the lip color with high saturation is more beautiful.
  Second paragraph: Apricot round eyes beauty pink large eye makeup
   The young MM wants to enjoy the sweet time with her lover more on Chinese Valentine’s Day. Naturally, her makeup also wants to move closer to sweetness and cuteness. This pink makeup is more suitable for beauties with round eyes.
  Round Eyes MM is most afraid of poorly painted eye makeup and it will easily show the feeling of puffy and bubble eyes, so try to avoid using light pink eyeshadows or eyeshadows with too large glitter. Use romantic deep lavender purple eyeshadow to embellish the double eyelid folds. The mascara brush head is swept up from the root to create a distinct feeling. The eyelashes at the end of the eye are partially strengthened, creating a kind of eyelashes from the head to the tail. Naturally extended vision. In this way, the steps of false eyelashes are eliminated, and the long eyelashes at the end of the eyes can weaken the roundness of the eyes. Finally, the pink blush is swept in the middle of the apple muscle, which looks more cute.
   The third paragraph: Temperament Little Witch, charming and smoky makeup
   Little Smoky is a daily makeup that many beauties will choose. It is especially suitable for those MMs who are smart and unwilling to "hit their makeup" with others. A little improvement is also suitable for romantic dates on Tanabata.
   Reddish brown is very suitable for Asians' yellowish skin tone, and can make the skin look fairer. The gradation effect created by the layering of the same color pearl eye shadow on the eye socket is a perfect match in the cool night. Draw a line against the roots of the eyelashes to naturally elongate backwards, and the upward flying eyeliner complements the long and curled eyelashes. The flying angle makes the eye makeup dance like a butterfly, and the coral lipstick or lip cream completes the reddish makeup. This Chinese Valentine's Day, if you like red, you must try this charming little smoke.
   Tanabata sweet makeup makeup products recommendation:
  1, L'Oreal Paris Secret Butterfly Wing Mascara
   L'Oreal Paris Secret Butterfly Wing Mascara uses a revolutionary asymmetric curved tooth comb to take care of every corner of the eyelashes. The cream is warm and carbon black, has good water and oil resistance, and can resist summer sweat and oil. After putting on the eyes, the eyelashes become more curly and thicker, the density is increased, and there is no lumps, the real makeup effect is very natural and not artificial.
  2, L'Oreal Paris Silky Lip Cream
   L'Oreal Paris Silky Lip Cream is neither a lipstick nor a lip gloss. It is between lipstick and lip gloss. It not only has the rich color and hiding power of lipstick, but also has the thin texture of lip gloss, which is moist and not sticky. Unique heart-shaped brush head, easy to apply, not easy to go out of bounds. Watery texture, as light as without makeup. The color is saturated, bright and beautiful. Graceful and hydrated, released layer by layer.
  3, L'Oreal Paris wide open eyes crystal eye shadow
  New baking technology, unprecedented smooth powder quality, bright and shiny color. The same color combination specially designed for Asian women, 4 steps to create a wide-open eye makeup effect. A variety of gradual color choices and combinations allow you to easily create a variety of makeup. The image is ever-changing, the makeup feels different, and the beauty is whatever you want. Lip cream is neither a lipstick nor a lip gloss, it is between lipstick and lip gloss.