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How to draw a bite lip makeup

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2020-06-30 Click:
How to paint lip-biting makeup? Lip-biting makeup is popular from South Korea. I often see actresses in Korean dramas painting lip-biting makeup. Lip-biting makeup can make lips look more compact, and the resulting makeup effect is very natural. Little bite lips. The following mshishang editor takes everyone to paint lip makeup!
  Steps to draw lip makeup
   The first step: apply lip balm.
   This step is mainly to prevent our mouth from being too dry. Once the mouth is too dry and then dead skin, then we can not effectively paint a beautiful bite lips makeup. So you need to use a lip balm to make the bottom of the mouth, let it lubricate.   The second step: apply lip concealer.
  The main function of lip concealer is to cover the original lip color of our lips. Some people's lips have a deep natural lip color. In this case, the lipstick applied to the lips cannot display its original color well, so there is no way to create an ideal lip makeup effect.
  So you need to use concealer to cover the original lip color, so that the lips look colorless, then you can better paint the lip makeup. Of course, if your lip color is relatively light, you can also omit this step.
   The third step: apply lipstick.
  After we cover the color of the lips with lip concealer, we can use lipstick to paint the lip makeup. First of all, we need to use lipstick to apply a light area to the inside of the lower lip, not to cover the entire mouth.
   Then squeeze the upper and lower lips again, so that the upper lips are also stained with a little lipstick. Then use lipstick to apply along the area where the upper lip is stained with lipstick, also do not apply the entire lips.
   The fourth step: apply lip balm again.
   Actually completed the first three steps to complete a lip makeup. If your lipstick is relatively dry and the applied bite makeup is not so full, you can also use a lip balm to reapply your lips. This can effectively moisturize the dry lipstick, the color will become transparent. This way your lips will look much more beautiful, and the bite makeup will be more successful!
  Lip makeup or lipstick   Wholesale Lip Brush For Promotion Gifts   
   Lipstick and lip gloss can be used for biting lip makeup. The effect of drawing a bite with lipstick will be better. The color of lipstick is more beautiful and easier to apply. The durability is also better than lip gloss. The specific choice is based on personal preference. Before applying lipstick, apply a layer of lip balm. Matte and pearlescent lipsticks can be used. Choose the texture of the lipstick according to the makeup you want.
  Bite your lips and make your mouth smaller or thicker     
   Lip bite makeup will show a smaller mouth, because the bite lip makeup transitions from inside to outside, the color in the middle of the lips will be darker than the color at the edges, it looks very natural and beautiful, can modify the shape of the lips, and has the effect of reducing the lips. People with small and thin lips will look pale and weak when they bite their lip makeup, which is not very suitable. When painting bite lip makeup, gently squeeze it to make the lipstick evenly develop, and use your fingers to loosen it, which can change the gradient effect.
  What is the white biting lip makeup
When painting a lip makeup, the outer layer of the lip makeup is white, and the white of the lip makeup is the lip concealer. When painting the lip makeup, the concealer product will first cover the original color and contour of the lips, so that Draw a bite lip makeup. Of course, if your lip color is relatively light, you can apply lipstick directly on the lips without concealer, this effect is more natural.
Although one lipstick can also create a lip-biting makeup, the effect is not comparable to the lip-biting makeup drawn with three lipsticks, so girls who want to pursue a better-looking lip-biting makeup still buy more lipsticks Right!