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Tips to Get a Good Concealer

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-11-08 Click:

Concealers are used to hide the scars, blemishes and spots from the face. They cannot remove it but give and illusion and hide them. They come in many forms as liquid, tubes and sticks. One can choose any of them as per the usage.

They are a very important part of your make up kit. Having one small stick of the concealer is the must to hide your acne scars, dark circles or if any other spot you have on the face which might spoil your looks and your make up if not covered properly.

Concealer should not be applied on the spot, acne or blemish directly from the tube or stick, it might spread the bacteria infection in ones conceler tube or stick and whenever one will use it again on the face, one might get infection on the face. It can be taken on a fingertip and can be applied on the spot with it. One can even use sponge buds or cotton buds, which are used to apply eyeshades.

Concealers are the best to hide out spots in an emergency. One has to apply conceler with foundation and should blend it well with the shade of foundation otherwise it will look different and even if you will be successful in hiding your spot, you will get a patch that will be a different shade of conceler on your skin than your foundation. So both of them should gel well.

One should buy the conceler keeping in mind the shade of ones foundation as if you buy a very light conceler than your skin tone, you will barely be able to hide your scar or spot.

While putting make up on the face, conceler should be applied before foundation and than foundation should be blended accordingly.

If right amount and right kind of conceler applied on the blemish or scar, it can totally make it look invisible. But whenever applied it should be removed after the use as any other substance is not good on the pimple and scar if left for long time.

So get a good conceler and hide out all your blemishes and pimple scars from the face for the next party and look awesome.