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Makeup Tips

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-11-08 Click:
Right makeup enhances the appearance of already beautiful face and also define your personality. If do not apply makeup in right manner, you can spoil your natural look. You should look great and feel confident by the kind of makeup your wear. You should understand the essentials of the makeup to create perfect look. You should know how to play with different colors, cosmetic products to complement your features.Here you can learn about the basic makeup tips and the techniques, shared by the makeup professional makeup artists. Here you can learn what type of cosmetics to be used, how to enhance the texture of your skin, what colors to select. Using these makeup tips, you can go for your makeover yourself and create your stunning look.First collect all the basic tools and cosmetics required for makeup like makeup brushes, cotton wool, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara and many more. You should apply makeup on clear skin only; remove any leftover makeup on the skin. Apply skin-toning lotion for fresh look and then apply a thin layer of skin moisturizer.Makeup TipsFirst and important make up tip for getting that perfect look is to find the right tone of foundation and applying it perfectly. Right foundation is the base of perfect makeup. It offers softness and glow over the face, as it has to be applied uniformly over the face. The key is to select right color and right kind of product. To find a right foundation for your skin tone, you will have to experiment with it. If you have yellow toned skin, you should choose foundations with yellow base. It will give you natural and flawless look. If you wear a foundation with pink or orange base on yellow tone, you will look like artificial or double toned. You can choose from three kinds of foundations that are liquid, cream and powder.- Foundation Makeup Tips: If you want sheer look, apply foundation with sponge. You can use makeup brush for applying it evenly and blending it beautifully. Use different shades for winter and summer and rest of the year apply a mix of both shades.- Concealer tips: Apply concealer at the inside of nose-bridge and outer corners of eyes. Concealer should match your skin tone, preferably, a shade lighter than the skin. Cover any discoloration on skin and dark eye circles with concealer. Apply it on the foundation.- Blush Tips: You should start applying blush from the point on cheek, which meets the imaginary line from the center of eye. Apply it along the cheekbone, towards the hairline. Avoid overdoing of blush and also avoid more of red colored blush. Apply some powder over the blush application to soften its look.- Eyeshadow Makeup Tips: While applying eyeshadow, keep the eyes open and tilt the head slightly backwards. This way you can easily see what shape you are creating. Allow the eye shadow to go into the crease of eyes.- Eyeliner Tips: Always apply eyeliner touching the eyelash line to avoid exposing skin color. Another makeup tip is to slightly open the mouth while applying eyeliner to relax eye muscles. You can easily draw eyeliner line. Avoid applying excess of eyeliner.- Brow Color Tip: While using brow color, make sure to use brow color, which blends with your natural brow color. First comb the brows and then fill it with brow pencil, using feather like strokes. Do not remove brow hair excessively.- Mascara Tip: While applying mascara, twirl the makeup brush in the mascara bottle to get it covered evenly. Wipe off the extra mascara on the tissue paper. Use less of mascara on lower lashes. If your mascara gets thicker in the bottle, put the bottle into the hot water instead of pouring water into the bottle.- Lipstick MakeUp tip: While applying lipstick, choose its color according to your skin tone and the occasion. Wear the frothiest and lightest lipstick if you do not have full lips, followed by the lip-gloss. Before applying lipstick, apply moisturizer on the lips to prevent drying and cracking of lipstick. First apply one coat of lipstick and then put a tissue paper between the lips to blot away extra lipstick. Then again apply the lipstick. This way lipstick will last longer on your lips. Do not forget to apply lip liner. Throw away the old lipsticks, as they tend to discolor the lips.