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Some Important Makeup Tools

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A perfect makeup is result of perfect makeup tools used. There are many makeup tools and applicators, which are required for different purposes while applying makeup. Also applying makeup becomes simple and lots of fun with right makeup tools. You can apply makeup precisely on the spot where you want and in the way you want with the help of high quality makeup tools. Makeup tools range from makeup mirrors, tweezers, makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, makeup kit and more.

Most of the makeup tools provided with the cosmetics are of little use as they do not have required qualities for applying that cosmetic such as brush given with blush is too narrow to be used on cheeks properly. Sponge applicators given with eyeshadow are not at all usable. One should not oversee the importance of makeup tools. A good quality makeup tool should be felt well on the skin surface and applying makeup becomes enjoyable with it.

Each tool has different purpose to serve like to apply powder; you will need powder brush or puff. A pencil sharpener is must for sharpening of eye pencil or lip liner pencils. To enhance the impact of makeup, makeup tools are very important. There are many makeup tools to talk about. Here are some most important makeup tools.

Makeup Sponge

This is one of the unavoidable makeup tools. Though you can apply foundation with your fingertips too but for better coverage, sponge is a necessity. To reach the corners of the nose and eyes, sponge of triangular shape is right. There is another use of sponge that you can easily wipe away excess blush or eye makeup.

Powder Puff

Powder puff is must have for touch ups during the day. Before you apply powder always make sure to clean away extra powder on puff by tapping by hands. Puffs are made-up of cotton combinations.

Powder and blush brush

The most common and the most popular makeup tools are the makeup brushes for applying powder and blush. These brushes should have natural bristles, which are soft and should have easy flow. The difference between powder brush and the blush brush is that powder brush is large, dense with rounded bristles whereas blush brush is smaller brush with slightly tapered end to precisely move over cheekbones. It becomes easy to apply powder on cheeks, temples and neck with thick powder brush. High quality brushes are a bit costly but worth spending at. You can keep them in good condition for longer time by taking proper maintenance. They should be clean and soft to use.

Eyeliner Brush

Eyeliner brush is a must to apply eyeliner precisely and steadily. You can use this to apply eyeshadow powder as liner by dipping a wet eyeliner brush in eyeshadow powder. This is a narrow and sharp tipped brush that can easily move into the base of lashes.

Eyelash Curler

In the same way eyelash curler is an essential makeup tool, which you should have in your makeup box. If you apply mascara after using an eyelash curler or even if you do not apply mascara, it is great tool to open up eyes. Eyes get a dramatic look with the use of eyelash curler.

Sponge Applicator and Eyeshadow Brush

Sponge applicator for applying eyeshadow is a must have to avoid falling of particles of powder eyeshadow on under eye skin. With a sponge applicator, you need an eyeshadow brush also. To blend the eyeshadow well into the skin for giving natural look, eyeshadow brush comes handy. It is a small brush, which can easily be held in hands to glide it smoothly over eyelids.

Lip Brush

Lip color is filled precisely by lip brush only like you paint a picture. Using lip brush you can take exact amount of lip color and can apply rightly at the spot you want to apply at. You can fill color in the creases of lips. It is a narrow brush with firm hairs.

Eyebrow Brush

Eyebrow brush is used to fill eyeshadow powder in the gaps of brow. It is an angled and soft brush with which you can easily reach into the tiny spots between the brows