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Eye Makeup Brushes

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Several types of makeup brushes are designed specifically for use in the eye area. Though a small collection of basic brushes are typically sufficient for the average woman, a more diverse variety is available for those who love to spend time playing up their eyes.

The following is a basic overview of brush types and their functions.

Smudge Brush

Smudge brushes are typically flat and made of short hairs. They are easily recognizable because of this unique design. Occasionally they may appear to be rounded in shape, but their overall look is flat. These brushes are ideal for the following uses:

•Creating a rich, smoky eye

•Lining and contouring the eye softly

•Adding definition and depth to the eyelid

•Adding color and blending in the crease (a typical smudge brush designed for the crease may have a teardrop shape)

Angle Brush

Line your eyes with precision using an angle brush. These brushes feature slanted hairs, which make eyeliner application simple. Use the angle brush to define the lash line, the brows and the crease. These brushes work wonders for women who have trouble drawing a precise line that isnt obvious. The bristles of the brush are typically flat and slightly firm to the touch, ensuring that it will deposit color only in the spots where it is directed. The trimmed angle shape allows the brush to fit easily into hard-to-reach spots, like the corners of the eyelid and around the lashes.

EyeShadow Brush

At the very least, every woman should own a high-quality eye shadow brush. This is the most basic of eye makeup brushes, and it all but guarantees that eye makeup will be applied cleanly and neatly. These types of brushes pick up and deposit color with greater efficiency than typical sponge applicators. Available in a variety of sizes, eye shadow brushes may feature slightly angled or tapered hairs. They might also be constructed with short handles for convenience, or longer handles for ease of use.

An all over shadow brush is an ideal basic brush that will apply color evenly to the entire lid or layer colors for a more complex look.

Eyeliner Brush

A tapered, slim shape makes the eyeliner brush an ideal tool for anyone who regularly applies liner. Its shape ensures precise, clean application without the bumps and skids that sometimes occur with a pencil. These thin brushes are appropriate for liquid, gel and cream liners.

Many women prefer to wet their eye shadows and use these as liners instead. This practice offers greater versatility in color, but it also requires a great brush to get the job done properly. A flat eyeliner brush is perfect for this purpose. The brush holds an ample amount of color and deposits it with ease to the area just above (and below, if desired) the lash line. In order to achieve the most clean, natural-looking line, wiggle and dab the brush gently but firmly against the lash line.

Mascara Brush

Though all mascaras include a brush wand of their own, many women prefer to use a separate mascara brush in order to keep the mascara bacteria- and germ-free. Mascara brushes are reusable and should be washed after each application.

Low- or High-End?

Choosing the right brushes does not have to be a tricky process. Simply knowing your budget and having an idea of what you need will go a long way in helping you select the right tools. Generally, makeup brushes that fall into the extremely low-end price range will not last as long as one that runs just a bit more.

Most high-end makeup brands also manufacture their own brushes. If you are devoted to a specific line, research their selection of makeup tools to find the pieces that are best for you.

Where to Purchase

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