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Makeup Brushes: A True Beauty Investment

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-11-12 Click:
Makeup articles in magazines and makeup textbooks instruct women on several ways to apply cosmetics, such as using fingertips, wedge sponges or cotton swabs. However, makeup brushes are the most effective cosmetic tools in any makeup collection to achieve the most natural and even application. Makeup brushes are created for various types of cosmetics (foundation, eye shadow, etc.) and bristles are made with either synthetic or natural hairs.While there are numerous types of brushes available with both types of hairs, the best investment is a set of natural hairbrushes.These brushes are made with sable or squirrel hairs that are sewn into the ferrule, or metal part of the brush. Unlike synthetic makeup brushes, natural brushes are durable, long lasting and the hairs ensure a smooth application and keep colors looking true.There are numerous makeup brush kits available either in stores or online; however, each kit should contain brushes for the following cosmetics:· Concealer· Large fluffy brush for loose/pressed powder· Eye shadow· Blush· LipA minimum of these five brushes is also ideal for traveling or on-the-go touch-ups.Other brushes that are helpful in any collection include:· Foundation brush – creates a smooth, “air-brushed” look.· Eyebrow brush – perfect for blending powder and pencil into eyebrows.· Eye liner brush – for using eye shadow as liner or powder eyeliner to create a softer line.· Eyelash comb – to separate any mascara clumps.· Bronzer brush – use a separate brush when applying bronzer to avoid distorting with other colors (i.e. blush).· Fan brush – perfect for sweeping any loose eye shadow under the eyes to avoid smudging makeup or quick touch-ups of blush or loose powder.When storing brushes, use either an upright glass container large enough to accommodate all brushes or a flat storage case with a separate compartment for each brush so bristles aren’t clumped together. Washing each brush is very essential not only to maintain bristles but also to ensure proper color application and remove oils, bacteria, dirt and debris.When using brushes every day, clean with a bottled, spray-pump, antibacterial makeup brush cleaner. Wash brushes thoroughly with mild baby shampoo or liquid soap using the following guidelines:· Foundation brush – once per week.· Loose/pressed powder, blush, bronzer and fan brush– once per week.· Eye shadow brush – every 2-3 days.· Eyeliner brush – after each use.Wash by hand and never let brushes soak.After cleaning, pat bristles gently with a cotton towel, “reshape” the bristles and allow to air dry.Keep in mind that squirrel brushes are the most absorbent and may take longer to rinse out.