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Methods to Choose Right Blusher

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-11-12 Click:

Blusher adds some warmth, freshness and glow to the skin and its not very difficult to apply blush powder on your check bones. Its just that that one should know the right shades for ones skin so that one can add some sparkle to ones make up. Blusher is a kind of highlighter to highlight your hollow cheeks and give your face and features a bright look.

Blusher can be used with make up in form of cream or liquid blush on. One can go for natural shades or the very bright ones as per the age and choice. You should not buy the blusher shade just after seeing it on the pack or on the shade card because it might look totally different on your skin tone. So while choosing a blusher you can test the shade on the reverse side of your palm or on the arm and it will give you an idea how it will look on your face. If you want to test it on your cheeks then you can ask the sales girl to help you in that.

Ideal way to put blush on-- the ideal way to put a blush on this that it should not look too gaudy or patchy. It should look perfectly natural otherwise it will spoil your overall look than to enhancing it. Stand in front of the mirror where you have proper lights to check your make up and colors. Apply foundation first and then apply 2-3 strokes of the desired shade of the blusher on your cheeks with a broad, soft brush on the apple of your cheeks in upward motion. After that you can apply eye make up, lip make up and compact to give your make up a finishing touch. If you dont know the right area on the cheeks where you should apply the blusher, you should make a smiling face and then the prominent area, which you get on your cheeks, are the apple cheeks where you need to apply blusher.

Choosing the right color-choosing the right shades for blushers are very important and here too one has to remember that all shades do go well in the day and night. One should apply different shades for day and night. As most shades life beige, peace, and baby pink look good in the day but might not look equally good in the night.

Shades of pink, peace and beige suit better on fair skin and shades of browns, plum and bronze go well on dark skin. Tanned skin should choose shades from orange, maroon, peach and coral. Yellow tone skin can apply shades of warm brown, warm pink and almond to look the best. So as per the skin tone one should choose the shades for ones skin. If the skin is dry or normal one can go to cake shades and creamy shades for the blusher but powder blusher is the best suited for the oily skin type.

Rectify if too much blush on is put on the cheeks. You can pat a clean tissue on the cheeks where you have put extra blusher or wipe if off gently with cotton ball. You can dust it off with a clean blusher brush and can re apply the blusher again. Slightly applied translucent powder too reduces the brightness of the blusher if applied more.

So one can use blusher while making up too add some extra glamour to ones look and add some more color to the face.