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Indian Bridal Makeup

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Indian Bridal Makeup is unique in itself. Every girl wants to look the best on this special day. Also she wants to have best photographs to keep for all the life. This feeling is nothing less than a dream, which every girl lives since her childhood, when she plays with her bridal dolls. Wedding day is one special day, which will linger in her memories forever. So Indian bridal makeup is part of that dream. It enables girl to be bride and look the most beautiful on that night. Bridal makeup is as important as bride’s wedding costume and an integral part of preparations for the special occasion. Bride on that night can carry any glitter and brightness. She wears bright colors like red, fuchsia and maroon along with the golden and diamond jewelry. Bridal makeup is no less bright and colorful than the dress and the jewelry.

Beauty is not just how you look; it is a pure feeling. Bridal makeup should be a reflection of personality, choice and perfect blending. Amidst all glitter and sparkles, bridal makeup should be subtle and should look real. People around bride and the bride herself should have knowledge of bridal makeup and the bridal makeup kit.

Advance Preparation for Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup id done on the wedding day but you should prepare yourself for the makeup many days before wedding. Any kind of makeup is perfect on the perfect skin. So you should start caring of skin in advance. You can apply traditional ubtans and facials to make the skin glowing soft. Regularly make use of astringent or lotion. Following are the some dos and don’ts, which you should take care to get glowing skin on wedding day.

- You should avoid eating or drinking such spicy, junk food and deep fried foods, which make your skin oily. Also avoid substance, which can make your skin irritating and puffy.
- Drink plenty of water, about 8 –10 glasses a day, to flush out toxins out of body and keep you skin hydrated. It leads to glowing skin.
- Use manual exfoliater to exfoliate your skin a day before wedding.
- Get your eyebrows shaped at least a day before wedding as eyebrow shape plays very important role in framing eyes.
- If you want to color your hair, do it a week before wedding to give time for color to settle on hair.
- A night before wedding, clean all the makeup from your face. Apply moisturizer and toner on face. Apply Vaseline on lips to keep them moist.
- If you have blackheads, remove them by steaming.
- Do not forget to care about hair, as hair is also an important part of bridal makeup. Wash them properly with shampoo and apply conditioner. It will keep them glowing and soft. Any hairstyle will look good when hair is not oily. Set the parting of the hair in the middle.

Bridal Makeup

For the actual bridal makeup, you should first wash your face using face wash and cleansing milk. Do not forget to clean ears, neck and back. After cleansing, apply a mild moisturizer to soften the skin. First color ingredient using face is the concealer, which matches your skin tone. Apply it on the under eye area and the sides of the nose. Blend it thoroughly with oil free foundation, which should be applied all over the face, neck, lips and the ears to have even skin tone. Shade of foundation should be a shade lighter than skin tone but not more than that. After that apply translucent powder over foundation. Eye makeup is very important part of bridal makeup as eyes attract anyone you meet. Use brown tone eyeshadow with thin white eyeliner on the eyelids. It will highlight and lift the eyes. Use black eyeliner to finish the look. Black mascara should be used to highlight the eyes lashes. Now for eyebrows, use a small eyebrow brush to comb and use a brown eyebrow powder to darken it. Apply matching lipstick using proper brush and lip liner. Lipstick should be such that it should last long. You can apply gloss and shimmer over your eye shadow and blush. Hairstyle should be according to your dress; you can go for a bun or a plait and cover it with flowers. You should use waterproof makeup to avoid smudging due to sweat or tears.