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A few makeup tips to get you 6 to flying

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It is really a big problem for girls not to make up. In fact, makeup is not as difficult as everyone thinks. The methods of different parts are actually know-how. Here are a few simple tips to share with you. .
Japan's makeup is known as one of the world's three major magic skills. Learn how to make up without changing your face. How can you look good? What kind of makeup is more suitable for you? What are some simple and useful makeup tips for novices?
Makeup tips for beginners
Lip line
The technique of drawing lip makeup is to first draw the lip line and then fill it, so that the entire lip will look very full and the color saturation is high.
Draw false eyelashes
Generally, the eyelashes of Asian people are not very long, especially the lower eyelashes. The upper eyelashes can be worn with false eyelashes. If the lower eyelashes are false eyelashes, it is a bit exaggerated. It is more natural to draw a few eyelashes with a thinner brown eyeliner. ~
First draw the outline of the eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil and fill it, then use the brush to brush the eyebrow and the middle part, and smudge it, it will not look so stiff ~
Heated eyelash curler
Do you usually curl your eyelashes? As long as the eyelash curler is heated and then clamped, it will be easily clamped and kept for a whole day.
Clever use of transparent mascara
There is another use of the transparent mascara bought on the market, which is to create fringe curls. Brush the bangs on both sides with transparent mascara.
This skill is suitable for students with high hairline, first use the brush to apply dark shadows on the hairline, and then use the brown eyeliner to draw some broken hair.
Shaping is an important step in makeup. It can make our face contours clearer and the facial features more three-dimensional. Don't ignore its role.
Double eyelid
This skill is suitable for single eyelids and girls who feel that their eyelids are not double enough. The most invisible method is to use eyeliner and draw the shape of the double eyelids you want.
The correct order of makeup
Sun protection
Sun protection is always the first step in makeup and the most basic step in makeup.
Sun protection can't stop at all times of the year. The ultraviolet rays in the sun can damage the skin, accelerate the aging of the skin and the formation of pigmentation. Is it terrible?
Makeup Milk / Isolator
In the second step, we are going to apply pre-makeup milk. Rachel recommends using a cream to create a cleaner environment for the skin.
Pre-makeup and isolation help improve skin tone, isolate dirty things, and make the whole look more natural ~
Base makeup
It is right to say that a good base makeup is the key to perfect makeup. The base makeup directly determines the problem of floating powder and makeup removal.
There are many types of base makeup. Liquid foundation, air cushion BB, and cream are all base makeup. Liquid foundation is the best base makeup product. BB is more suitable for makeup, and the cream is too heavy and not recommended.
Many people are accustomed to concealing before the foundation, but in fact, the foundation also has a certain degree of concealing strength. After the foundation, the concealer does not look too heavy.
Eyeliner, mascara
When applying eye makeup, you need to apply eyeliner first, then mascara, so as not to destroy the finished eyelashes when you draw eyeliner.
Why post eyebrows? Because the length of the eyebrows should be based on the eye length, the eyeliner may change the eye length.
Repair capacity highlight
Rachel always likes to modify his chubby face with trimming and highlights, which will make the facial features look more three-dimensional.
Blush must be placed after repairing, find the right position, blush will not be embarrassing.
Set makeup
The final make-up is also very important, especially for girls who love to oil, and it can control the oil to make the makeup last longer.
It will be autumn and winter right away. Regardless of whether you apply makeup or not, you may encounter this problem about lip care. If you want to draw good-looking lip makeup, these practices can be avoided in daily life.
Lip care
Mistake 1: Lips are too dry, lick
When the season changes or the weather is cold and dry, we often subconsciously lick our lips, hoping to make the lips more moist. But in fact, the more you lick your lips, the drier your lips become, and may even cause eczema. Be sure not to lick your lips!
Mistake 2: The weather is cold and hot
I always want to eat some chili in winter, it seems to make my body warmer. But spicy food will irritate the lips and make them dry.
Mistake 3: Use cold artifact every day
The weather is cold in winter, and many people like to use cold artifacts, such as heaters or electric blankets, but in fact, long-term use will reduce the moisture content in the air, so the dryness of the skin and lips is unavoidable. If you are particularly afraid of cold, it is recommended to use a humidifier or a glass of water when using a heating blanket.
Mistake 4: Exfoliating lips every day
I often see a good beauty, but my lips are covered with dead skin. Is it really a deduction? And if the dead skin is not treated on time, it will make the water lock function of the lips worse, so it is recommended that you do the work of removing dead skin regularly! but! Some people like plucking seedlings to encourage excessive work. If you exfoliate your paintings every day, it will worsen the chapped lips. Once a week is ideal.
Mistake 5: Apply lipstick every 24 hours
If your lips are very chapped or even bleeding, it is best to give up lipstick products and apply pure lip balm products. But if you are the kind of person who does n’t have lipstick and is very unsmooth, and ca n’t live without red, then Fiona recommends that you apply colored lip balm.
In the choice of lipstick, the matte lipstick is generally more dry, so you can choose to use lip gloss lip glaze will be more moisturizing.