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What to do if I have lipstick on my lips

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2020-03-04 Click:
How to apply lipstick without showing lip lines? What should I do if I have lipstick on my lips? The following editors have compiled some tips for applying lipstick without showing lip lines, and get them together!
How to apply lipstick
Many people will have lip wrinkling skills when applying lipstick, so today I will introduce a few methods to apply lipstick without showing lip wrinkles, so that you can avoid the trouble of applying lipstick to show lip wrinkles.
1. Make a base before applying lipstick
You can use the purchased lip mask, or you can prepare your own homemade lip mask at home. The lip mask can replenish nutrition and moisture for the lips in a short time, alleviate the fatigue of the lip skin, make the lips skin softer, and remove lip lines.
2.You can apply olive oil before going to bed
Olive oil can be used before bedtime and has a good moisturizing effect, but it should be absorbed for a period of time (20 minutes) before going to bed. Do not put it on the pillow to reduce lip lines.
3.Exfoliate before applying lipstick
The correct method of peeling is very important. You should first apply it with a hot towel and then gently scrape it off with a soft brush or cut it off with scissors.
4. Do some lip exercises
Keep lips "ah" sound for 5 seconds, keep "hey" sound for 5 seconds, relax, hold "O" sound for 5 seconds; finally keep "one" and "house" sound shapes for 5 seconds each, repeat the above 5 minutes of action can remove lip lines.
What to do with lipstick
Before applying lipstick, base the lips first. If you want to make the color very visible, and there are no lip lines, just like the demonstration, apply red, then you need to use a special lip base on the lips. , Cover the lip color before, if it is just a color that is not applied daily, just apply lipstick.
You can also do simple hydration on the lips before applying lipstick. Simple hydrating lip balm is really too much, any lip balm can do it. Various oils (olive oil, macadamia oil, white pond flower seed oil) are mixed with some waxes to isolate the lips from the outside world, preventing the rapid evaporation of water to produce dryness and further vicious cycles.
If the lip lines are obvious after applying lipstick, it is recommended to erase the lipstick first, because if there is no lipstick on the lips, the lip lines will be less visible. It is best to wipe with lipstick or wet paper towel when removing lipstick. Use a dry paper towel directly, so that the friction on the lips is greater, and it is easy to make the lips dry. After erasing the lipstick, apply a layer of lip balm to hydrate and moisturize the lips. .