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How to draw romantic bridal makeup

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Romantic bridal makeup drawing tutorial Three beautiful makeup pictures to make the most beautiful bride
Valentine’s Day is approaching. Many MMs will enter the wedding hall on that day. If you want to be the most beautiful bride, you need to spend more time. Here are the latest bridal makeup painting methods and makeup tutorials. Three different bridal makeup pictures let You become the most fashionable one, let's take a look!
   Natural Korean jungle princess style makeup key points:
This bridal makeup is suitable for Asians with yellow skin. Use a purple base cream to even out the skin tone and make you fairer. It will brighten your forehead, eyes, nose and lips, so that your facial features will be very three-dimensional. , The use of brown eye shadow looks very fresh, natural and unpretentious fresh temperament emerges spontaneously, and finally put on nude lipstick, this Korean bridal makeup is complete!
   Three-dimensional elegant bride makeup key points:
A clear base makeup is the focus of Korean natural light makeup. The first condition is to create a fair and flawless skin. First use a barrier lotion to keep your skin moisturized and not dry, then apply a natural clear and put BB cream on the bridge of the nose. Focus on applying highlights on the cheekbones to make your base makeup more shiny, then use orange eyeshadow to cover the entire eye sockets, look gentle and full, and apply pink orange lip gloss to add a bit of femininity.
  Korean fan girl series long-lasting makeup makeup key points:
First, create a natural base makeup, apply a non-grainy liquid foundation evenly on the face, so as to better fit the skin and not clog the pores. Apply orange pearlescent eyeshadow on the eye sockets and lower eyelids. Natural blending is also necessary. The orange lip-biting makeup, orange blush and orange eye shadow echo together, showing a fresh and refined temperament.