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Korean beauty experts teach you how to make daily "watery" Korean makeup

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Korean beauty experts teach you how to make daily "soft" Korean makeup
   Korean beauty makeup is loved by many girls. The following Korean beauty experts will teach you how to make daily "watery" Korean makeup. The makeup looks like a Korean goddess~~
  Korean makeup expert Korean makeup:
   The watery and tender Korean makeup looks very clear and comfortable. Such Korean daily makeup makeup will make you make a high return rate when you go out on the street. It is very cute~~~
  Daily "watery" Korean makeup tutorials for Korean beauty experts:
  1. First, apply the base makeup, spread the BB cream all over the face with dots, and apply the primer and concealer on the eyes.
  2. Use a brush to sweep loose powder to fix the makeup. Use light pink for the eyeshadow to cover the entire eye socket.
  3. Dip the reddish-brown eye shadow with the brush, and use the eye shadow stick to brighten the corner of the eye.
  4. Use the brown eyeliner to draw the inner eyeliner, and use the brown eyeliner for the lower eyeliner.
   5. Put on false eyelashes and curl them with an eyelash curler.
  6. ​​Apply mascara again and draw the shape of the eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil.
  7. Apply the eyebrow cream until the blush part is reached, and the blush should be swept from under the frontal bone to diagonally upward.
   8. It is recommended to use coral powder blush to make it more pink, and to brighten the lower part of the eyebrows.
   9. Finally, it's the lip makeup part. Apply the lip gloss to the entire lips, lightly cover the blemish with liquid foundation, and bite the lip makeup.
   The daily "watery" Korean makeup tutorial above, have you all learned it? Hurry up and create a Korean makeup that is as beautiful as a Korean goddess~~