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What harm does it cause makeup without cleaning for a long time?

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As people are more and more dependent on cosmetics, makeup has become a daily necessity for people. Many beginners will not use makeup brushes. I do n’t know how to clean the makeup brush. What harm is caused, let's take a look below.
Makeup brush suit
Makeup is essential: foundation brush, scattered brush, eye shadow brush, blush brush, lip brush
The harm of not cleaning the makeup brush to the skin
1. We need to turn a delicate makeup when we makeup. If we use a makeup brush that does not wash for a long time, it will cause acne allergies on the face. Cleaning them, the beauty brush became a disfigurement brush. Especially the foundation brush and wet brush. If it is not cleaned in time, the bacteria breed in the bristles will cause great harm to the fragile skin.
Cleaning method: Cleaning the brush must not be rough! Rubbing back and forth, and blowing drying with a hair dryer, all are wrong. This will only make your brush washed "blooming", and there is no possibility of recovery. The brush is not used to clean it after the influence of dirty. Wet brush such as foundation brushes, eyeliner brushes, etc., it is very easy to produce bacteria damage to the skin. It can be cleaned once every two to three months.
2. Do not clean the makeup brush for a long time. Because the makeup brush will stick the oil on the skin when wiping the skin, the cosmetics will occur after repeated use. If the time is too long, there will be a lot of cosmetics residues. The effect of makeup is not easy to control during secondary use.
Cleaning steps for makeup brushes:
(1) After each use of a makeup brush, it should be gently brushed along the direction of the dry paper towel to wipe the excess residual cosmetics.
(2) Note that it should be maintained once a week, soak the brush in a dedicated cleaning agent, wash along the hair, and rinse it with cold water. After Z, use noodle paper to dry the water lightly.
(3) After the brush is cleaned, it should be placed naturally at the cool and ventilated air. Do not use a hair dryer to dry, otherwise it may cause bristles to damage.
(4) After washing, you can also use the conditioner and soak it with water to make the bristles softer.
The correct method is to use clean water to wet along the natural direction of the brush
Use a dedicated painting to clean the product and gently brush back and forth in the palm of your hand.
If the brush is dirty, there are a lot of cleansing boards on the market.