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Beauty appreciation

Beauty and experience to share the simple steps to make your makeup more refined

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-02-18 Click:
Make-up is a technical activity. It is an art of blood and blood. The makeup is also skillful. If you look at other people's makeup and your own makeup, do you always feel worse? Don't worry, Xiaobian brings a beauty experience to share with you today.
Many people have the habit of making makeup. In fact, makeup is actually a technical activity, and it needs to be continuously studied. The more experience we have, the better the makeup will be. Today we will take stock of some of the little-known makeup techniques that are known to make your makeup look more natural and refined.
For many people, the makeup is a very headache. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, the makeup is always dry and dissatisfied, and the effect is not as good as makeup. Want to make a makeup and light and thin? Very simple, moisturizing work should be done well. Secondly, the base makeup is applied in a small number of times. Do not apply too much liquid foundation to the makeup egg or the puff at one time. The bottom makeup is very unnatural and easy to float.
Eyelashes are also an important part. The curled eyelashes can make the eyes look more radiant. Who doesn't like the flashing eyelashes? In the makeup of eyelashes, if you want a better effect, you should use long mascara and thick mascara. If you have eyelash curler, it is better. If you don't have it, don't forget to use eyelash curler.
Biting lip makeup is a popular lip makeup in recent years, but the handicapped party has said that biting lip makeup is too difficult. In fact, it is not difficult to bite the lip makeup. You just need to grasp the essence of the shallow and deep inside. When you use the foundation, wipe the lips with the remaining powder. It is more natural than the lip concealer and it is not easy to crack the lips. Then use a light lipstick to make a base, then apply the dark lipstick to the inner center of the lips.
Many people think that blush is justified, and even blushing is dispensable. In fact, the blushing method is also very particular, and the shape of the blush can play a role in modifying the shape of the face. Generally speaking, it is not appropriate to round the blush on the round face, pulling the blush from the shin to the temple. Can play a face-lifting role.